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November 2019

Welcome Back Everyone and thank you for bringing us cooler weather! At the November HOA meeting it was shared that we are still working on some services in the Park and, unfortunately, some services cannot be accomplished. The Board continues to be your voice and lobby for your requests and concerns.
There will be four seats open on the HOA Board next spring if you are interested in assisting us.  A Nomination Committee has been formed and their names have been posted at the mail huts.  Names and inquiries should be submitted to them.  The slate will be presented in January, voted on in February, and seated in March. Get involved!
We'd like to remind everyone to have your lot #s and street #s posted next to your driveways and PLEASE make it easier on those who deliver the Chattings and notices by putting up a simple container for park mail. We hope you enjoy your winter with us and we will see you at the next HOA meeting.
Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary

December-January 2018-2019

 At the last HOA meeting, guest speaker from the Hillsborough County Fire and Rescue, Ms. Vivian McIlrath, gave residents a brief overview of home safety. Falls are the number one call for Fire & Rescue. In a light-hearted manner she critiqued residents’ shoes regarding soles and safety. Good traction helps prevent a slip – especially getting out of bed first thing in the morning. She discussed that all smoke alarms have a 10-year life, even those hard-wired. She said this has nothing to do with changing batteries but with the technology/mechanics of the detector itself. She encouraged all to go home and check date on back of each alarm and change batteries twice a year. She also demonstrated the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Lastly, she suggested everyone on multiple mediations use daily organizers to ensure proper dosage, and always share information between doctors and pharmacists. She said overdoses are too common among senior citizens because they often have multiple doctors and sometimes use more than one pharmacy. Ms. McIlrath was very engaging, and the residents enjoyed her humor and the knowledge.


The HOA is sponsoring a FISH FRY January 22, 2019 to raise funds to pay for the training that the Board of Directors must receive. Cost for the meal is $6.00 per person and will be collected at the door. No advance tickets will be sold, but there is a sign-up sheet at the Clubhouse. The meal will consist of fried fish, French fries, mac -n- cheese, and coleslaw. If you have any questions, see any Board member.


February’s meeting will be the last opportunity to nominate anyone for either the HOA Board of Directors or the Trustees. If you are interested in running, please see Karen Sarley-Wiant, lot 339.


The proposed changes to the By-laws passed at the last meeting and new 2019 By-laws are being printed. When they become available, we will announce where they can be picked up.


Thank you to everyone for helping to do your part to make this a great community. We remind you to look out for one another, look out for your home and possessions, be mindful of our regulations – knowing they are for the benefit of all, and foremost – have a great time living here. We appreciate each and every one of you.




For September, October and November


Welcome back Snowbirds and welcome to all our new Residents. It is a great time to be a part of Chulavista Landings. Don’t you love this time of year? Where else can you put Christmas decorations in your yard in the morning and pick oranges in the afternoon? It’s a time when we get to add caroling, dinners and dances to our already packed activities schedule. Get involved and get to know your neighbors and your Park.

A few friendly reminders:

Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash must be securely bagged and not put out until the morning of pickup. If trash day is a holiday, it will be picked up the next day. Large items, such as cardboard boxes and packing material will be picked up. Items from remodeling or cleaning out are not in the trash contract. You may contract with Steve, the trash man independently, and for a small fee, he will come back and pick up many items. ASK before you put it on the curb please. Large appliances are no longer picked up by the Park. Small pieces of aluminum will be picked up by one of the Park maintenance workers.

Yard/tree trimmings are picked up by Park maintenance on most Mondays. Again, please do not put trimmings out until the day before pickup. If you have raked leaves you want to bag, leave the top open and do not put it next to trash to be picked up on Mondays. The maintenance men drive through the park and they need to recognize it as yard trimmings and not household trash.

Be sure to get your address numbers posted and your park mail box up. Street numbers should be 4” tall and 7 ft. from the ground. Lot numbers are 3” tall and 3 ft. up. Both should be on the driveway side of your home. This information is in the Welcome packet and posted at both mail huts.


A gentle reminder that each resident has a yard area and it should be considered private. No one should feel free to walk between or behind someone else’s home. This includes walking dogs back to the ponds, riding a bike or driving a golf cart. This seems to happen frequently when the gator man is here.

That brings another reminder – NEVER Feed the alligators! It is against the law and dangerous to you and your pets. When gators get to about 8 feet, the Park calls professionals to come in and relocate them. When one is taken out, there is always another one to take its place. Also, many of the beautiful birds in our park are on the Endangered Species list or may have just come off this list. We understand they are beautiful to look at and fun to have wandering throughout the park, but they are wild and should not be treated as pets. Feeding them bread or hotdogs diminishes their need to fend for themselves. And did you know that birds that eat bread develop a syndrome commonly known as “angel wing”?  It is a condition that affects the wing feathers and can be severe enough that they can’t fly.




Much research and many inquiries have gone into the Reverse osmosis ultrafiltration system. It appears that the Park is using too much water per metered output for the new system.  The plan has not been scrapped, but more information is required. There is a possibility that each lot will be metered; NOT to charge residents for average usage, but in order to locate broken lines, leaking toilets and dripping faucets. The County has a table of standard water consumption based on family size. Most of us don’t come close to using our “allotment.” On the other hand, a leaking toilet can use 6,000 gallons of water over a year. It was discussed at the last HOA meeting that if any resident has a leaking toilet or dripping faucet, they may receive assistance from the Park or fellow residents in remedying the problem. This will benefit everyone in the long run. If you are aware you have a problem with your water system, PLEASE let the HOA or Management know as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to a speaker from the Hillsborough Fire and Rescue after the first of the year. They will share tips on senior safety in addition to the Yellow Dot program and where and how to post medical information for First Responders. A reminder that Deborah Iturralde, Lot 322, has the Yellow dots and accompanying cards if you need one. She also has a few of the motion-detector lights left and plenty of the stick-on security alarms. Yellow dots are free; lights are $3.00 each and require batteries and the alarms are $1.00 or $10 for a bag of ten.


It will soon be time for elections to the Homeowners’ Association Board, the Activities Committee and the Trustees. What a great way to learn more about how it works around here. If you are interested in running for any position, please see Dale Gray, HOA President, Bill Dohn, Trustee or Sue Burgett, Activities Chair.

There are many opportunities to volunteer in the park. We can always use you on Hot dog Tuesdays, Park mail deliveries, covering and uncovering the pool, hosting socials and scores of others. Speak up, I guarantee someone will direct you to the right person.


And finally, but VERY important, consider becoming a member of the FMO or Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida.

          What is FMO?

The Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc., (FMO) is a statewide, consumer advocacy association dedicated to protecting the rights and interests and enriching the lifestyles of manufactured home owners.

Formed in 1962, the FMO has a current membership of approximately 15,000 manufactured home owners. FMO operates with more than 1,000 volunteer officers from around the state who serve members by answering questions, assisting with problems, organizing district meetings and workshops, and linking them to the Board of Directors and the administrative staff at the Largo business office.


Who Do We Help?

Because there are all types of manufactured home owners -- those that own their home and land, those that rent land, those that live in family communities, just to mention a few - the FMO has diversified to assist homeowners in whatever situations they may find themselves.


Residents of rental manufactured home communities own their homes and rent the lot on which the home sets. The FMO helps residents of rental manufactured/mobile home communities prepare for negotiating with their park owners regarding rent increases. The FMO also provides information about Chapter 723, Florida Statutes (FS), which governs unique park owner/lot renter issues. In addition, the FMO offers workshops on negotiating with a park owner and resident purchase of a community

This information was taken from the FMO website If you are interested in more information, please see Mary Rodgers, our FMO officer. She lives at 2519 Scuttlebutt Loop Lot 341.



The HOA has not met over the summer and will not meet again until Oct. 2nd . A meeting had been planned for Sept. 4th, but the Clubhouse floors will be getting refurbished at that time so the Board has cancelled that event. Since there has been no HOA activity, this update will be more Park and Community related.
    First to take note of are our beautiful new vinyl fences around the Park. If you aren’t here and haven’t seen pictures from friends in the park, please check Renee Sammon’s postings on the Message Board. They look great and provide a pleasing appearance to the Park and a sense of security.
    Second on our previous agenda is the Reverse Osmosis system for the Water Plant. It is ongoing and making progress; however, like all things in Hillsborough County, it has not been without obstacles. Kudos to the Park for continuing to dot the “I”s and cross the “t”s so that sooner or later it will be completed.
    Speaking of Hillsborough County ---- there is an enormous upswing in building in the south part of the county. You will see detours, increased traffic AND permit delays. If you plan to add on to your unit, pour a new driveway, or swap out an old unit for a new doublewide, plan accordingly. Permitting and inspections have always been slow, but seem to be extra taxing at this time. Just be prepared.
    It’s been a wet summer, and that brings mosquitos. Please check around your homes for any standing water – this includes flower pot saucers, catch pails for rainwater, birdbaths, etc. Don’t over water and change out birdbaths regularly. There is an on-going county program for mosquito spraying and you can hear the plane overheard when they are in our area at night. The County has a website and contact number for more information ( or 813-635-5400). There are also opportunities still to get mosquito-eating fish from the Tropical Aquaculture Lab in Ruskin. Check the website if interested.     Rain makes the grass grow too, so a friendly reminder to not mow, trim or edge your yards before 8:00 a.m. Not everyone is a morning person.
We’ve seen quite a few visiting families this summer and that’s always a good thing. We have a great community and it is fun showing it off. Remember to register your guest at the Office for security reasons and remind them that we don’t feed the wildlife – including the birds. It is against the law in Florida to feed the alligators and many of the bird species we have in our area. Even if they aren’t on the Restricted or Endangered list, we cannot provide them with the proper nutrition and do more harm than good when we toss bread, hotdogs, etc. to them. It makes them dependent upon you for food and it damages that natural fear of humans. And if not for the safety of the animals, protect your own property. It has been reported that some of the larger birds are now trying to roost on top of some vehicles and porch railings. The Park is not responsible for damage caused by the birds to car hoods or decks. Be a good steward and protect our wildlife and our community. Get a birdfeeder and invite the black-hooded parakeets into your yards.
We’ve had new residents move in this summer!! I’m sure I will miss someone and I apologize. I know that the Lucks are at Lot 16, Gulla Lot 50, Shubert Lot 227, Rumor Lot 242, Sabin Lot 259, Thompson Lot 321, Vantine Lot 330 and Hatfield Lot 361. WELCOME!! We hope that you have met your neighbors, and we look forward to meeting you at the next HOA meeting. You can be as involved or as aloof as you choose to be here. If you like activities, we have several that will kick off in October and we’d love it if you have something you can share with us – a hobby, an art, an activity. Jump right in – we do it all with a smile, and no one is an expert.
It’s been quiet this summer and our main event was a fabulous 4th of July BBQ at the Clubhouse. Chef Rick Ceglio outdid himself with the BBQ and all the fixins’. Thank you Rick and your team of helpers for a great meal and good time.
I’ll wrap this up with a thank you to Julie Lange for working in the library all summer and providing us with new reading materials. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. We encourage you to take a book, exchange a book or shelve a book when you are there. You will see that the Library Ladies have created focus areas of favorite authors and genres, making it easy to locate your next read. We have hardback, paperback and large print reading material as well as many puzzles. The library is in the REC HALL next to the Office.
Respectfully submitted, Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary




The Board of Directors is pleased to offer ongoing updates to events and changes in our Community home via the Chulavista Landings website. This is a work-in-progress and will undergo a trial and error period where we decide what information is relevant to the majority of residents, and during this time we welcome your feedback. Some of the things included are a pinned list of current Board members with contact information, current approved HOA Meeting minutes, and the concerns and resolutions brought to the weekly Questions and Concerns sessions. If you have something you’d like us to consider, please contact a Board member with your request.

Here’s an update for March, April and May:

      ● Our new fencing is coming along. Chain-link has been installed between our Park and Handy’s (with a gate), Betty’s Park and the cemetery on Gulf City Road. The vinyl fencing will begin soon! What a facelift the finished product will give our Community home. While it will help with security concerns, it won’t eliminate all problems. We should always secure our properties. The office still has security lights and alarms.

      ●  It is rapidly approaching hurricane season, and the Park does its best to provide a safe environment for all Residents. Beginning June 1st Management is no longer picking up or storing discarded appliances, furniture or large pieces of construction. The lot is full and this material must be secured when storms approach. Residents will be now be responsible for removing this debris. Please see the office for reliable haulers approved by the Park.

      ● The Questions and Concerns sessions will be held on the first Tuesday of the month in the Rec Hall at 1:00 during the summer months.

Submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary



The Board of Directors is pleased to offer ongoing updates to events and changes in our Community home via the Chulavista Landings website. Residents and Guests alike will be able to check out the new HOA page and discover what’s happening. This is a work-in-progress and will undergo a trial and error period where we decide what information is relevant to the majority of residents, and during this time we welcome your feedback. Some of the things we plan to include are a pinned list of current Board members with address contact information, current approved HOA Meeting minutes, and the concerns and resolutions brought to the weekly Questions and Concerns sessions. If you have something you’d like us to consider, please contact a Board member with your request.

Here’s an update of the last 3 months:

      ● Everyone is aware of the massive fish kill we experienced after the cold snap. Many fish died due to shallow water and extremely cold temps for this area. If you lived around any of the bodies of water, it was quite unpleasant. Per the FL Wildlife and Fisheries, we were instructed to leave the fish in the ponds for nature to take its course. As the fish were trapped against the banks the buzzards arrived and pulled them ashore to peck at and leave behind. Management did their best to spread the word from the FL W&F and had sweet lime spread along the banks over the fish that were out of the ponds. Because the entire center of the state experienced a massive fish kill, sweet lime was hard to come by.

      ● Multiple residents were concerned about a rodent infestation and Management had the County Code inspector come in for a complete Park inspection and the Park passed the inspection with flying colors. Two issues were pointed out – keeping the areas around and under our homes free of clutter, debris and standing water – which we all can control, and second – the encroaching tree line behind many homes. The survey map was pulled and it was noted that several homes, sheds, yards are at the property line and we cannot clear trees or brush outside of the Park boundaries. We hope those impacted will continue to work with the Park in an attempt to maintain a clean and safe environment for all.

      ● Many Residents added external storage units/sheds this year. At one point there were definitive guidelines as to where these could be placed on the properties. In that these guidelines have become obsolete in certain situations, there is a case-by-case decision made by Management, Park owners and the Resident where additional outside storage can be place. Because of this, it is paramount that a Resident contact and work with Management when ordering and placing an outbuilding on his/her lot.

      ● There is an on-going drainage problem in the South Park. Equipment has been purchased that will help in making a permanent fix to this. As it will require dropping new drain lines, it has held up the completion of resurfacing some of the roads. The decision was made that this project should not be attempted while the majority of our Residents were here, but will be taken care of during the non-peak season.

      ● The topic of fence/no fence has been frequently discussed and is now resolved. There will be a vinyl fence, similar to the one around the new storage lot, across the front of both sides of the Community. Chain-link fencing will be placed between the North Park east side and Betty Park and the west side and the cemetery. We hope this is good news to all residents. It will be open at both entrances, but will provide the additional security between the Residents and Gulf City Road.

      ● Finally, a reminder that the security lights and security alarms were purchased by Management last year and are available to be bought at cost from the Office. The light is $5 and the alarm is $1.

Submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary

POSTED 3/22/18 RS