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HOA NEWS by Deborah

Your new HOA officers are Deborah Iturralde, President, Jesse Downhour, Vice-President, Charlie Schneider, Treasurer, Penny Swiger, Secretary (appointed), Karen Sarley, Assist. Secretary (appointed) and Pam Rossok, MAL. Penny will be replacing Donna Farris on the Board and will serve the remaining term of eleven months. A vacancy still exists as Mary Jo Hackett has decided to step down and concentrate on her role as FMO Representative and her travels. Officers will be sworn in at the April 6, 2021 meeting.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the Board should submit a written profile to be considered. Please submit to me or Karen Sarley. A selection will be made in the future.

The entire Board would like to thank the Nominations Committee for their part in printing and counting ballots. Their expediency was appreciated.

I would also like to thank the Rent Negotiation Committee and all the Block Captains that helped in the process of negotiating and the collection of signatures. It was indeed quite an undertaking in a truly short amount of time. All the efforts resulted in a successful process.

The committee does not have all the answers yet to some of your questions, but as they are answered, they will be shared. Please be patient as we continue to gather the information. Questions can be submitted to me in written form at Lot 322.

Let’s make positive steps toward our new normal here in the Park. Please welcome all our new residents and make them feel at home. Hopefully, we will see more activities resume as vaccinations are received and the life we love here returns. See you all Tuesday, April 6th at 6:00.


March 21, 2021


The committee met and tabulated the votes for the 2021 Rent Increase. A total of 172 votes were cast, with the majority -137- voting for the Option 3 (a 3-year contract with $35 increase each July 1st) and 35 votes opposed. A park majority of 50% plus 1 is required for the proposal to pass. The park majority was 58.798%

Mr. Marger was notified on Monday by Management. The plan is for the installation of television and internet to begin in May and be completed by July 1, 2021. The system will be run to each lot. Every resident has the freedom to have either tv, or internet, or both hooked up to their units. Residents may keep their current systems if they choose, and they may switch at any time.

Many questions have been answered, but Management understands that questions will arise. Please submit your questions through the HOA to Deborah Iturralde at Lot 322.




TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2021 6:00 PM


There will be a Special HOA meeting called for Tuesday, March 16th to clarify and finalize the election of HOA Board members and to share the answers to the Rent Increase questions raised at the previous meeting.   These will be the only topics presented.

Nominations for BOD vacancies will be called for again and the floor will be closed. If a run-off is necessary, an election will take place at the Clubhouse on Thursday, March 18th.  All candidates must get their 100- word profile to Sharon Kennedy before Tuesday morning.




March 2, 2021


Meeting called to order by Vice-President Jesse Downhour at 6:05 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and a Moment of Silence was held.

Officers’ Rollcall was taken: Present were Jesse Downhour, Charlie Schneider, Deborah Iturralde, Mary Jo Hackett and Karen Sarley. Excused was Pam Rossok.

Jesse Downhour swore in Donna Farris, the BOD appointed replacement for Dale Gray’s seat and Donna joined the Board.

Reading of the previous minutes with approval

Officers’ report – Treasurer Charlie Schneider announced that no money had been spent during the last 12 months. The balance is $256.65.


NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Chairperson Sharon Kennedy presented the three returning BOD and two Trustee members willing to run and opened the floor for nominations for additional candidates for HOA from the floor. Penny Swiger was nominated, and the run-off election was briefly discussed. It was brought to the floor that we were in violation because the election, per our By-laws, should have occurred in February. Deborah reminded the group that the election was announced in January and that tonight’s meeting was the first general meeting since March 2020. Sue Burgett stated that per FMO guidelines the present retiring members would be carried over one year. Deborah raised the question of what happens when all the Board then comes up for reelection next year. Sue’s response that all members of the Board would have their terms extended by a year. Mary Jo Hackett, FMO Representative, said this was not her interpretation of the ruling. Much discussion then took place. Marita Stroud made the motion that the topic of election of officers be tabled until Mary Jo could get clarification from FMO. The motion was seconded and passed. No further action was taken on BOD or Trustees.


NEW RESIDENTS: Jesse asked new residents to stand and identify themselves. There were several new residents in attendance.


FMO – Mary Jo Hackett spoke to the group, explaining the service and value in being a part of the Federation of Manufactured Homes of Florida (FMO). She encouraged residents to see her for membership applications.

WECOME COMMITTEE: Jesse Downhour asked the new members who had not received a welcome packet and several hands were raised. He followed up saying he would get a packet to each of them.


BLOCK CAPTAINS: Deborah gave the report for Pam Rossok who is the Block Captain Coordinator. She asked the Captains in attendance to stand and be recognized and explained how these volunteers can assist residents. She also said that the Block Captains would be asked to assist in the gathering of signatures for the rent increase agreement at the appropriate time.


OLD BUSINESS: Jesse shared that projects of the past – reverse osmosis, clubhouse roof, dead trees, and additional handrail in the pool were on a new timeline under new management and hopefully, we would see them come to fruition.


NEW BUSINESS: Rent Negotiation Committee report was given by Deborah, Chair of the committee. Attendees were given a handout of the first 3 options presented to the committee by Mr. Marger. She informed the residents that Mr. Marger had initially just offered the increase of $60, $30 and $15. A discussion ensued and Deborah told Mr. Marger that she could not in good faith present that offer to the residents. Mr. Marger provided the Committee with a handout of relative comps in Hillsborough County for 2020. Adjusted median rent for that period was $548. We shared with him a comp report from southern Hillsborough and northern Manatee Counties. When calculated the average median rent for 2020 was $565.

Mr. Marger then offered that with the rent increase residents would be provided with tv provided by DISH ad internet from Spectrum at 900 MHz, pool improvements and a light pole. A discussion followed with many concerns raised by the committee. Mr. Marger then offered an increase of $30, $20 and $15 and he would make some improvements to the pool area and get TECO to drop a light pole in the secured RV/Boat Storage area, but no tv or internet. Further discussion was held.

Mr. Marger was fair in explaining that he and his partners have to make a profit in order to stay in business and that residents would still be under the local 2020 rent average. When asked what if the residents would not approve it, his response was then it would default to the annual one-year contract at which time he could raise the rent a minimum of 7% and not have to provide any additional improvements or amenities simply because the cost of business was continuously rising. Deborah asked if there were ANY other options, to which he replied no.

At 3:30 on the day of the HOA meeting, Dale Gray, Resident Park manager delivered to Deborah an additional proposal of $35 each year for the next 3 years with all amenities included.

When Deborah finished delivering this information a large discussion followed with many residents having questions and concerns. Deborah attempted to answer the questions she had answers for and promised to get answers from Mgmt. or Mr. Marger. She proposed a majority vote ruling on the now 4 options. No votes were given for Option 1 $60/$30/$15 or Option 3 $33/one year contract. A motion was made to vote on Option 3 $35/$35/$35 with all amenities. A show of hands (one vote per household) resulted in 54 votes. A vote was taken on Option 2 $30/$20/$15 and it received 21 votes. Deborah announced that Option 3 had been chosen by the majority and residents would have their opportunity to accept or reject by their signature. A signature sheet was distributed with the Option number and increase at the top with a check box for “accept” or “reject.” Finally, Deborah said if residents want time, they could cast their vote when the Block Captains brought the sign-up sheets around and if they had to return home before that happened, they could send their vote via email to the office. A motion was made to conclude the discussion, seconded and approved.


Jesse then invited Sue Burgett, Activities President to the podium for good news about opening and upcoming events.

ACTIVITIES: Sue Burgett gave the Activities report. She announced that the Block Party would be held on Scuttlebutt Loop again this year on March 25th. Lunch would be served at noon and Kevin Brooks would provide entertainment from 1-4:00. Everyone who plans to attend must sign up at Clubhouse in order to procure enough meat. All attendees should bring service ware, their beverages and chairs.




March 5, 2019


Meeting called to order by Vice-President Jim McAllister at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and a Moment of Silence was held.

Officers Deborah Iturralde, Secretary and Charlie Schneider, Treasurer and Member-at-Large Jesse Downhour, were sworn in by Mary Jo Hackett. 

Officers’ Rollcall: Present were Vice-President Jim McCallister, Secretary Deborah Iturralde, Treasurer Charlie Schneider and Members-at-Large Jesse Downhour and Mary Jo Hackett. Absent were Dale Gray and Mary Rodgers.

Minutes of previous meetings were read and approved.

Reports Given:


Treasurer Charlie Scneider reported the HOA paid $20 to Activities to compensate for toner used to print new By-laws. Cash Balance Feb. 28, 2019 is $281.65.


Wayne Tester, Executive Vice-President of the Region FMO gave report for Mary Rodgers. He had information and a form for permanent residents who might be interested in filing Homestead Exemption with the State. He reviewed the form and its directions. Deborah said she would make copies available in the Clubhouse.




          Penny Swiger at Lot 223 as the only new resident attending, drew from the 2 door prizes and won a free oil change from Total Automotive Services. Please encourage all new residents to get involved.



          Jim informed group that bids were being received for a new tree-trimming company. Management reported that the previous company wanted an additional $30 per tree on a new contract. It was determined by Management and the Park owners that a new contractor be procured with instructions to only trim trees as necessary and avoid the radical and damaging hurricane cuts done in the past. Trees in the Park will be groomed as soon as this is in place.


Deborah reported that someone is still turning off the mailbox hut light. This is a liability for the Park.

One alligator was removed recently, but a second larger one is still here. She explained the trapping permits are specific and the second gator will be removed when the permit is amended to two captures.

She reported that Management isn’t sure what is wrong with the handicap bathroom in the Ladies room in the Clubhouse. It always seems to be operating when it’s been checked. Ladies were asked to leave a specific note about what’s failing if they witness it breaking again and notify Management or an HOA Board Member.

Wild raccoons, foxes and coyotes have been seen roaming the Park. They are looking for food and will become a danger to Residents if food continues to be left outside for feral cats . Feeding feral cats prevents them from performing their function in the Park – to keep down rats, mice and snakes. All residents should be vigilant when walking at daylight and dusk.



Sue Burgett briefly addressed the issue of April deposits made by the Activities group. She asked that if anyone had a concern, they should bring it directly to the Activities Committee.

Sue reported that four new barstools were bought for the workers in the kitchen.

She announced a profit of $2400 from the Penny Sale and gave the Activities report of upcoming events and activities. Please check sign-in sheets.

The Activities Committee is looking for a new Editor for the Chattings newsletter, someone to do the Recycling  and a Host for the Easter Potluck Dinner.


Vice-President Jim McCallister called for adjournment and the meeting was adjourned at 6:40

Respectfully Submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary




January 8, 2019


Meeting called to order by President Dale Gray at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and a Moment of Silence was held.

Officers’ Rollcall was taken: Present were President Dale Gray, Secretary/Treasurer Deborah Iturralde and Members-at-Large: Jesse Downhour, Mary Jo Hackett, Mary Rodgers, Charlie Schneider, Wayne Tester and Ron Thompson. Absent was Jim McCallister.

Guest speaker from the Hillsborough County Fire and Rescue, Ms. Vivian McIlrath, gave residents a brief overview of home safety. Falls are the number one call for Fire & Rescue. In a light-hearted manner she critiqued residents’ shoes regarding soles and safety. Good traction helps prevent a slip – especially getting out of bed first thing in the morning. She discussed that all smoke alarms have a 10-year life, even those hard-wired. She said this has nothing to do with changing batteries but with the technology/mechanics of the detector itself. She encouraged all to go home and check date on back of each alarm and change batteries twice a year. She also demonstrated the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Lastly, she suggested everyone on multiple mediations use daily organizers to ensure proper dosage, and always share information between doctors and pharmacists. She said overdoses are too common among senior citizens because they often have multiple doctors and sometimes use more than one pharmacy. Ms. McIlrath was very engaging, and the residents enjoyed her humor and the knowledge.


Old Business:

The vote was conducted on the proposed By-law changes. Ballots were counted, and results reported. They are as follows:

With regard to separating the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, the amendment passed 51 for, 10 opposed.

With regard to adding the term “Landings” to the title Chulavista Homeowners Association terminology in Article V, the amendment passed 51 for, 10 opposed.

With regard to adding the duties of the Treasurer in lieu of Trustee, the amendment passed 44 for, 17 opposed.

With regard to changing the wording of Article VIII. Committees to eliminate the “Activities and Security” to read “HOA activities.”  The amendment passed 45 for, 16 opposed.


Jesse and Dale brought residents up-to-date on shuffleboard resurfacing. Courts should be done within next ten days and a resident has volunteered to plane pucks if we buy new planing blade.



New Business

Karen Sarley-Wiant, Elections/Nominations Chair addressed the group and asked for HOA nominations for upcoming vacancies. The retiring members of the BOD were polled, and Deborah Iturralde and Jesse Downhour will be running next term. Ron Thompson and Wayne Tester said they would be retiring at the end of this term. No nominations were made from the floor for the HOA. A call for nominations for Trustees was made. Bill Dohn was present and stated that he would run again. The other vacancy would be Linda Schwartz’s position. She is on a cruise and will voice her intent when she returns. No other nominations were made from the floor. February’s meeting will be the final opportunity for additional nominations. If a run-off is required, Election Day is Feb. 19th 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Dale asked residents to be aware of safety at dusk/night and use lights on golf carts and bicycles. He also notified residents of a recent theft in the park. Items taken included a golf cart, a weed-eater, propane tanks, and fishing poles. Many of these were taken from an unlocked shed. Please lock up sheds, your home doors if you leave and secure bikes and carts.


Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

New resident Voss Fernandez and his partner, Lot 275, were recognized and welcomed.

For Good of the Park

Sue Burgett gave an Activities update. Many things are happening and lists are available in the Clubhouse and at Mail huts. Several trips are being planned so check for flyers and sign-up sheets.

Bill Dohn said he would be getting long tables to residents for the upcoming garage sale (Jan. 26th). If you need a table, put your name, street address & lot number on the sign-up sheets hanging in the Mail huts or on a piece of paper in the park mail.

Sue Burgett informed residents that an ice maker for residents’ use is being installed in the Clubhouse. It is for everyone’s use and she emphasized that all should practice good hygiene and put the ice scoop in its designated spot. No cups, bowls, coolers, etc. should ever be put inside the ice bin.

Dale shared that a tentative date of March 28th has been set for a CVL Block party. More news will be forthcoming.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:50.


Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary


AMENDED: Dale Gray stipulated that the Block Party is not being don

e as CVL, but as a private party with an open invitation to residents. Several residents are helping to sponsor it and those attending are asked to bring something to share. A sign-up sheet will be placed at the Clubhouse.



December 4, 2018


Meeting called to order by President Dale Gray at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and a Moment of Silence was held.

Officers’ Rollcall was taken: Present were President Dale Gray, Vice-President Jim McCallister, Secretary/Treasurer Deborah Iturralde and Members-at-Large: Jesse Downhour, Mary Rodgers, Charlie Schneider, Wayne Tester and Ron Thompson. Absent was Mary Jo Hackett.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Amendments were made, and minutes were approved as amended.


Old Business:

President Gray reported that the water usage study done for the Reverse Osmosis ultrafiltration system identified that the Park is using too much water per the Park meter compared to what’s being treated. As a result, the County may be installing individual water meters – not that residents will be charged independently, but to discover excessive water loss/usage. Dale shared that a leaking toilet could use 6,000 gallons of water a month. Often the Management has been unaware of leaks until adjacent lots have been impacted by flooding. Residents were asked to notify Management or an HOA member if they have a leak in their units, and if assistance if needed in remedying it, there may be help available.

Dave Sampson reported that the Shuffleboard surface will be completely resurfaced, and the job has been put out for bids. Work is expected to begin within 10 days. Pucks have been and/or are being sanded.

Dale reported that after meeting with Management, it was decided that the pool ladder we have now will be removed and two ladders will be put in just off center in order to assist Residents in exiting the pool. The new solar cover has been installed and volunteers are needed to cover and uncover the pool as necessary. Joyce Tubergen and Jinny Logan have volunteered to help but need additional volunteers. Dale shared that a pull-bar will be attached to the free end to make it easier to pull and not tear.

The downed palm tree is to be removed within the week.

Lyn Burgett asked for clarification as to why the Board felt the need to separate the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer, requiring a separate office of Treasurer. Dale explained that the Board hoped to sponsor revenue generating activities to primarily cover certification requirements for new Board members. Current Secretary is prohibited from serving as a treasurer due to her employment. This situation could present itself in the future if the HOA generates funds. There were no other questions of the proposed By-laws amendments and it was agreed that a vote would be held at the next meeting. Each proposed change will be voted on independent of the others.

The Questions or Concerns sessions were discussed, and it was decided by the group that these sessions would be conducted bi-monthly until there was no need. The next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 11th.


Call for Reports:

Mary Jo Rodgers gave an FMO update and shared the value of having representation at the local and state government level. She explained that the FMO provides for legal representation that protects mobile home owners from not only State regulation changes, but also from Landlord issues/conflicts. Membership ($25 yr.) includes a magazine, workshops, training on the Florida Statutes and contact information for your local reps. She encouraged everyone to join the FMO.

New Residents:

Bill & Marjorie Sabin, Lot 259

For the Good of the Order:

Dale asked residents to respect each other and not walk or drive through anyone’s lot without permission.

A resident expressed concern about an RV in the secured storage lot that is very dirty and can be seen from the road. An attempt to identify the owner and see if assistance is needed in washing it.

Cindy Ringler asked everyone to have a Park mailbox conveniently located. She is delivering in-park Christmas cards.

Jim McCallister asked that clarification on trash pickup be provided to Residents. Dale shared the week days for pick up and updates on what will be picked up by the Park and what the contracted trash service will pick up. Deborah volunteered to add this information to the HOA website pages.

Marita Stroud thanked her helpers for working hard to decorate the Clubhouse.

Sue Burgett reported on the upcoming activities. (These are posted throughout the Park and a copy for Residents can be picked up at Clubhouse.)

Meeting was adjourned at 6:50

Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary.



November 13, 2018


Meeting called to order by President Dale Gray at 6:00 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said, and a Moment of Silence was held

Officers’ Rollcall was taken: Present were President Dale Gray, Vice-President Jim McCallister, Secretary Deborah Iturralde and Members-at-Large: Jesse Downhour, Mary Rodgers, Charlie Schneider, Wayne Tester and Ron Thompson. Absent was Mary Jo Hackett.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


Old Business:

Dale reported that the mailbox hut lights are working – please do not turn off; the damaged speedbump at the park entrance has been replaced; fence is completed, and the water ultrafiltration system is still pending County approval.

Deborah Iturralde reported on safety issues previously brought up:

      ● Hillsborough County has “Yellow Dot” program for vehicles. A yellow dot on a vehicle indicates to emergency responders that there is medical information in the car glove compartment. There were limited numbers of yellow dot stickers and accompanying cards and were dispersed at end of meeting first come, first serve. Deborah would procure more before the next meeting. She also shared information on the File for Life program. The HCFR doesn’t currently have a grant to fund this and suggested that residents write out medical information and keep a copy on the fridge for first responders. Having multiple copies on hand allows the medic to take a copy with the unit in transport. She shared that the Fire Dept. spokesperson she met with said first responders always check fridge for medical info and cell phones. She shared his comment that all I-phones have an automatic app that allows first responders to access the medical information input by the phone’s owner without unlocking the phone. Android users can download a free app from their Google Play Store. Deborah will contact the Fire Dept. PR person to see if a guest speaker can come to discuss safety with the residents after first of year.

      ● Address numbers should be placed on the home according to County Regs to better assist first responders. Street numbers are to be 4 inches tall and 7 feet up and lot numbers are 3 inches tall and 3 feet up from the ground on the side of the house with the driveway.

      ● She shared costs of door/window alarms and motion lights that Management had purchased for Residents to conveniently buy. The items were available for purchase following the meeting.

Jesse Downhour gave report on sanding the shuffleboard pucks at a cost of $2.00 per puck versus paying $8.00 a piece for new ones. Plan is to resand 40 pucks. Dave Sampson still waiting on estimate to resurface. Jesse said company he had spoken with said it would take 90 days after resurfacing to get area ready for tournament play. This could impact the park’s ability to host a tournament next Spring.


New Business:

Dale asked for volunteers for the Nomination/Election Committee. This committee is responsible for preparing the slate of nominees for next year’s BOD elections. Four positions (as it stands now) are up for re-election; Secretary and three Members-at-Large. The President has the authority to appoint committee members and this may be done. Lyn Burgett, Dale Kittle and Karen Sarley volunteered to count ballots after the election. A Committee Chairperson is still needed.


Call for Reports:

FMO Representative Mary Rodgers explained the many benefits of belonging to the FMO and asked members to renew their memberships. She has the forms available.


For the Good of the Order

Sue Burgett shared that leaking water from the compressor flooded the Club House kitchen/bathroom area and this was just before the planned Veterans’ day celebration. She said they had attempted to contact Management for help but got no response. She asked that someone be delegated the “weekend” or “holiday” contact for emergency situations. She found two residents to help clean up the water.

She also requested a second safety handrail be installed at the pool to assist residents with exiting the pool. She turned in a Resident’s Concern form to the Office regarding this.

Ferol Thompson shared information on the Thanksgiving Food Drive and asked for assistance in collecting door to door and then delivering collection to Mary Martha House. Several volunteered.

Residents are concerned about an abundance of roaming cats. Please don’t feed feral cats.

Marita Stroud expressed concern about her leaning electric power box. Dale responded that it would be repaired when Teco came to move the green power box.

Shirley Nichols asked that someone be responsible for picking up the memorial stands in a timely manner. They are being left out too long in her opinion.

Thanksgiving Dinner will be provided for Residents and Guests on Thanksgiving Day. The park owners provide this in appreciation. Tickets must be bought by the 19th: $5.00 per Resident and $7.00 per Guest. At the dinner the Resident ticket will be reimbursed. This ensures an accurate count for the cooks.

Activities will host a Medicare Supplement speaker on Nov. 27th at 9:00.

Ray and Shirley Nichols will be honored at their 70th anniversary on the 27th.

A memorial service for Ray Kubacki will be held at 2:00 on Dec. 9th

HOA information was concluded. Sue Burgett gave an Activities report and Dale Gray called for motion to adjourn. Motion was made and seconded and the meeting adjourned at 6:40.

Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary      Amended minutes approved.


PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO Chulavista Landings Homeowners’ Association Inc.  By-Laws 2014



1.Article 111. Officers -Elected

Section 1.  The officers shall consist of the following:  President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Six (6) members-at-large.   (9 total)

 Amended to Read:

Article 111. Officers-Elected

Section 1.  The officers shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) members-at-large.   (7 total)


                    FOR ________                    AGAINST ________


2.Article V.  Secretary Section 4. Secretary  

The Secretary shall take a roll call of the Board and keep a correct record of the proceedings at all meetings and perform other duties as may be required.  The secretary will poll Board member’s votes, yes or no, at each Board Meeting and make them available to Chulavista Homeowners Association members upon request.

 Amended to Read:

          Article V. Secretary

Section 4. Secretary

The Secretary shall take a roll call of the Board and keep a correct record of the proceedings……… will poll Board member’s votes, yes or no, at each Board Meeting and make them available to Chulavista Landings Homeowners’ Association members upon request.  


FOR ________                    AGAINST ________


3.Article V. Duties of Officers


Section 5.  Trustee  


 Amended to Read:

Article V. Duties of Officers

Section 5.  Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall, by virtue of his/her position, be in charge of keeping and maintaining the financial records of the HOA corporation; including receipts, disbursements, and any other financial/bookkeeping responsibilities as deemed necessary. At the annual meeting, the Treasurer will present an audit report as required.


FOR ________                    AGAINST ________


4.Article Vlll. Committees

Section 1.  Audit Committee Trustees

The Audit Committee will meet at least annually to examine the financial accounts of the Activities and Security. The committee shall also meet at the request of a majority of the Board of Directors for specific functions.  


Amended to Read:

          Article VIII. Committees

          Section 1. Audit Committee Trustees

The Audit Committee will meet at least annually to examine the financial accounts of the HOA activities. The committee shall also meet at the request of a majority of the Board of Directors for specific functions.


FOR ________                    AGAINST ________


MAY 1, 2018

Meeting called to order by President Dale Gray at 6:00 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance was said and a Moment of Silence was held.
Roll Call was taken: Present were President Dale Gray, Secretary Deborah Iturralde and Members-at-Large: Mary Jo Hackett, Mary Rodgers, Charlie Schneider and Wayne Tester. Absent were VP Jim McCallister, Jesse Downhour and Ron Thompson.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and appro
Reports were called for:
    FMO report given by Mary Rodgers – It is time to renew FMO memberships, and please follow upcoming  
Old Business:
Outgoing mailbox has been repaired.
Mail hut light turned back on so it lights automatically again. Someone had turned it off.
Mary Jo Hackett shared information regarding the File of Life refrigerator magnet. She has a price of $.75 a piece, but would like summer to try to find a sponsor. It was explained again that the purpose is to have pertinent medical info handy for First Responders and is strictly voluntary.
Chainlink fencing has been completed between Handy’s, Betty Park and the cemetery; vinyl installation should begin soon.
Corporate paperwork has been filed.

New Business:
 New high-efficiency AC installed in Clubhouse should provide better cooling and be more cost efficient. It was discussed should it be turned off, and Dale informed the group that it took longer to cool down the building than to keep it cool.
For the Good of the Order
 Joyce Tubergren asked if new pedestal bases could be built for the memorial stands as the wind blows the old ones over routinely. President Gray said he would follow up on this.
Nancy and Glen Chinnis will be in charge of the recycling over the summer.
The Questions and Concerns meetings between Residents, HOA and Mgmt. will be held at 1:00 on the first Tuesday of the month over the summer. If anyone needs assistance sooner, please contact Mgmt. or a member of the HOA.
Next HOA meeting will be June 5, 2018
Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, approved and Dale Gray closed the meeting at 6:15.
Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary


April 3, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Dale Gray at 6:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance was said and a Moment of Silence was held.

Roll Call was taken: Present were President Dale Gray, Vice-President Jim McCallister, Secretary Deborah Iturralde and Members-at-Large: Ron Thompson, Jesse Downhour, Mary Jo Hackett, Mary Rodgers, Charlie Schneider and Wayne Tester.

President Gray presented the Board’s findings regarding the current By-laws and referred residents to follow their copies of current version and suggested “corrections” and “updates.” Copies of these documents have been attached. As each Article/Section was presented there followed a discussion. A summary of these discussions follows:

      ● Article III: Board requested change to By-laws to read “Secretary, Treasurer, and three (3) members-at-large. Reason: Secretary’s role is extensive and while there is no HOA money presently, there is the possibility that there may be HOA funds collected, donated or held for specific purposes. The current Secretary is unable to act in a fiduciary manner due to her employer restrictions. This situation may or may not repeat itself in the future. Because the Board had other recommendations, it was thought prudent to request this change now and not be compelled to revise the By-laws in the near future. There has always been a Secretary and Treasure position in the HOA. The Board requested to remove the “/” and replace it with a “,”. If a Treasurer would be needed, the position would be filled at election time. Discussion was held and Linda Schwartz suggested that the proposed wording “and Treasurer” be replaced with “and/or Treasurer.” There was no opposition to this change.

Lyn Burgett asked why the change from six Members-at-large to 3. Dale Gray explained that unless stipulated by the By-laws, the FMO states that a Board should consist of 5 members. The Chulavista Landings HOA is presently at 9 members, and it has been hard to fill these positions in the past. The FMO recommendation is that Board members be tasked with responsibilities. The Board previously held an open discussion on task assignments and the ability to have a majority vote if the size of the Board was decreased by 3, to be eliminated by attrition.

  1.  Article V: Correct the wording in Section 4 to read Chulavista Landings Homeowners’ Association to be in compliance with the HOA Charter.


After extensive research it was verified by the Board that neither the Activities Committee, nor the Trustees are part of the Homeowners’ Association. However, the By-laws, going back many revisions, list the Trustees under “Officers.” For compliance purposes it is necessary to remove Section 5. Trustee from the HOA By-laws. This removal also includes the “NOTE: At the annual meeting, the following will be added to the agenda: Trustees’ Audit Committee Report.”

          Duties of the Officers must now include a separate description of duties of the Treasurer.

  1.  Article VIII: Correction to the Article V, Section 5 whereby the “Trustee” verbiage is removed requires that Section 1. Under this Article “Audit Committee Trustees” be removed. Committees will be Nominating/Election.

A lengthy discussion ensued with considerable and valid input from Residents and the Board. Mike Sandy, Lot 263 stated opposition to voting on all changes in a blanket vote. Sharon Van Alstine, Lot 371 suggested that the changes be broken out and presented individually for a vote at election time next fall. Several Residents supported this as it would allow more time for discussion on each proposal and could possible prevent a no vote on all issues.  Dale Gray asked for a motion to table this topic until the fall meeting. John Dester made a motion to table and Karen Peterman seconded it. The motion carried. The Board will entertain any discussion with Residents regarding this topic between now and then.

Old Business: Dale shared information on the new fencing that will enclose the park along Gulf City Road. It will be vinyl and has been ordered, is being paid for the Owners, will not be gated. A chain-link fence will be placed between CVL and Betty Park, the cemetery and Handy’s, with a gated pass-through to Handy’s.

Luau will be held Friday night.

Reverse osmosis system for water system is being reviewed because it changes the amount of water used. Permits are being checked.

Reported that light out at mailboxes again. Dale will follow-up (NOTE: LIGHT SWITCH WAS TURNED OFF      BY SOMEONE. HAS BEEN TURNED BACK ON.) Residents appreciated the lighting at Clubhouse back on.

Outgoing mailbox is loose and mail has been slipping out onto the ground. Dale will follow-up (NOTE: COVER HAD BEEN BENT. IT HAS BEEN REPAIRED.)

Dave & Helen Cook, Lot 260, asked that someone assist them with the recycling project over the summer. They will gladly resume it in the fall. Dale will get new, larger signage made for Recyles.

New Business: Dale explained the Personal Information sheet that accompanied the Rent Negotiation Notice. Most residents completed a similar form when they first moved in. the Office is asking for updated info in order to provide this necessary medical information should EMTs or Fire Rescue ever be called. It is strictly a voluntary act. The Board will look into a refrigerator magnet folder, similar to File of Life that many EMT/Sheriff’s Offices provide where this info can be placed in a prominent position on each Resident’s refrigerator.

Deborah informed Residents that HOA info now posted on CVL website and in the Chattings and Tuesday Questions and Concerns sessions will continue.

Deborah read the Minutes of the March 6, 2018 meeting and Mike Sandy, Lot 263 made motion to approve. Karen Sarley, Lot 248 seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as presented.

Reports Called for:

FMO –Mary Rodgers reported that on Nov. 6, 2018 both the House Bill 76 and the Senate Bill 76 need a “yes” vote to protect mobile home owners. She will provide more information at a future date.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, approved and Dale Gray closed the meeting at 7:35.


Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary



March 6, 2018



Meeting called to order by President Joyce Tubergen at 6:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance was said and a Moment of Silence was held.

Roll Call was taken: Present were President Joyce Tubergen, Vice-President Karen Peterman, Secretary Deborah Iturralde and Officers: Dave Sampson, Ron Thompson, Carl Roark and Wayne Tester. Joyce read Barbara Kukel’s resignation dated Feb. 14, 2018. She has moved out of the park. Jesse Downhour was appointed to complete Barbara’s term, and he joined the Board at the front of the room.

Minutes of the Feb.6, 2018 were read and approved.

Joyce introduced the Rent Negotiation Committee and presented the proposal from the Park Owners. Particulars are that a 3-yr. contract was proposed stipulating increases of $13, $14, and $15 respectfully and to commence July 1, 2018. Joyce explained this is in fair market value based upon a 2017 survey done of neighboring parks with similar amenities. Alternate option is a one year lease to be renegotiated annually with a top-off rent increase of 7% possible. Park owner Dave Marger met with Board members, Park Management and the Negotiating Committee and discussed adding a system to improve the water quality for all residents, as well as, costs for installing fencing along Gulf City Road for the betterment of park security. Neither of these improvements are connected to the rate increase. Joyce read the Agreement and explained how each owner should vote his/her preference. Only 1 resident per unit is allowed a vote even if both are on the title.

Reports were asked for:

Trustee Bill Dohn gave the annual audit report (see attached). Ending balance Dec. 2017 $3447.37.

No Marina report

FMO – Mary Rodgers reminded everyone time for renewing FMO memberships

Sue Janssen gave Activities report, see posted activities at Clubhouse. Asked for someone to step up and take over Hotdog Tuesday or it will be discontinued after this month.

Old Business: None

New Business: Election of new officers: Joyce asked retiring Board members to stand and thanked them for their service. She then asked new Board members to come to the front to be sworn it. Retiring are Karen Peterman, Dave Sampson, Connie Spiewak, Joyce Tubergen, and Carl Roark. Newly sworn in Board members are Dale Gray, Jim McAllister, Charlie Schneider, Mary Jo Hackett, Jesse Downhour and Mary Rodgers.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55 and the new Board remained and elected Dale Gray President and Jim McAllister as Vice-President. A meeting of the new Board is called for Friday, March 9, 2018 at 1:00 the Rec Hall.

Respectfully submitted by Deborah Iturralde, HOA Secretary