Chulavista Landings 55+
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Renee Sammons 813-645-3568 or  text me 989-339-1055 or
e-mail me and I will add to the list here

Any corrections please contact me, thank you Renee


Updated November 27, 2018

Colleen O'Conner

JoAnn Davis

Mike LaPointe

Anna Heller

Clyde Eckman

Don Stafford 

Denise  Foster

Bob Prigg

Lee Burick

Norm Weedmark

Fred Mast

Jerry Parrish

Nancy Parrish

Claire Gilbert

Sandi Kubacki

Al McDonald

Don Peterman

Teri Theberge

Dee DeNio

Mark Bigham

Vic Thompson

Bob Dean

George Moretti

Nick Nicholds

Toy Jackson

Willie Sammons

Renee Sammons