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Recommended Use for hCG

- 1st Day: Take 10 drops of hCG 3 times a day under you tongue.
Wait 30 minutes before eating. Eat as much as you can, including sugars, fats, sweets...etc. This is the first of your 'Gorge' Days.
- 2nd Day:Gorge (Load)day # 2. Follow the first day steps exactly.
- 3rd - 35th day: Begin and sustain the 500 calorie a day diet for these days.
36th day: (Start of Maintenance) Begin and sustain a 1200-1500 calories per day, diet for first three weeks. Beginning with the second three-weeks Increase your diet to 1500-2000 calories per day; no breads or sugars for the first 3 weeks. You may add in eggs, cheese and olive oil beginning the 2nd three(3) weeks of Maintenance. (Healthy fats)
- Continuing with the 2,000 caloriess per day continuing with healthy fats(being careful with starches & sugars) and add foods such as avocado's and nuts, etc.  Eat in moderation.




The LASTdiet you will EVER need.