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 Phase 4 - Keeping Healthy

Phase 4 is really what you will do for the remainder of your life.  If you decide that you want to or NEED to lose additional weight and choose to do a second Protocol or "Course" as Dr. simeon puts it, you will need to wait six(6) weeks AFTER MAINTAINENCE or Phase three (3)has been completed.  I know you may be in a "hurry" to proceed, but according to Dr. Simeon, you will have more success by waiting this time. 

You will slowly introduce sugars and starches back into your diet in small amounts while keeping weighing every day at the same time. The larger focus is on optimal health at this stage.  Check your "101 RECIPES" book for newer ways to prepare your meals.

 Review the 'hCH Weight Loss Cure Guide Book", for additional list of things you will want to do to remain healthy. 

Continue with Braggs Vinegar cocktails three (3) times a day & remember to drink at least eight (8) glasses of Distilled Water to keep your system flushed & to reduce any "build-up" of toxins or 'little critters' that might be stored.

We strongly recommend all books by Paul C. Bragg, natural Health Pioneer for over 50 years.  All his books are chock-full of useful, lifesaving information that will lead you in the 'right' direction !(see... 'hCG Recommends' here in our website).