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 Phase 3 - Maintenance


The purpose of phase 3 of the hCG diet is for you to maintain the weight loss achieved by resetting a new weight set point for your body.  We recommend continue dringing the Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in Distilled Water & sweetened with Stevia.
Once you stop taking hCG drops, you will need to stay on the 500 calorie diet for three days.   After the three days,  the hCG will have exited your body. For the following three weeks period, you are to avoid eating sugar or starches. You will eat around a 2000 calorie diet, more if you work out or play sports hard. The object is to stay within 2 pounds above or below the weight you recorded while still taking hCG. If you exceed the two pound window, you should do a *steak day to take it back off, if you lose more than two pounds from your last hCG weight, then you need to eat more.

For people who gain all their weight back, they usually failed at this part of the diet. It is vital that you stay on this for three weeks or you will return to the prior weight you were before the diet. We have to retrain your body to accept and maintain this new weight by being consistant for 3 weeks. Remember,  you can eat anything on this phase, except sugar and starches. The Weight Loss Care Guide has a large list of which foods contain sugar and starch and those that are 'safe' to eat. We recommend that everyone obtain a copy of the book and read it first. 


The total daily intake must not exceed 500 Calories, if the best possible results are to be obtained.  Your daily ration should contain 200 grams of fat-free protein and a very small amount of starches.
"From Dr. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches."

The 500 calorie limit must always be maintained. Two(2) small apples are not an acceptable exchange for "1 apple." Very occasionally we allow egg-boiled, poached or raw-to patients who develop an aversion to meat, but in this case thay must add the white of three eggs to the one they eat whole. Cottage cheese made from skimmed milk is available 100 grams may occasionally be used instead of the meat but be Careful that whatever brand you purchase...there is NO sugar or 'alcohol' sugars in it.