Painted Hills Farm Gypsys
Caryl & Larry Giard
39 N. Bernardston Road
Leyden, MA   01337


Painted Hills Farm has switched directions and we are only keeping 2 gypsies for our own pleasure at this time.  We no longer are breeding to sell and will only occasionally offer a foal when the situation warrants it being right. We have enjoyed the ride for the years we have done it but have decided to switch avenue and only keep a few and have some fun! So thank you to all of you who have inquired or bought horses from us in the past and we look forward to years ahead with less stress and just more fun and enjoyment. It is with some sadness that we say goodbye to some of the horses we had thought would be here for ever! but time and circumstances change and we have found ourselves there as well. It has been a great time and we truly loved every minute but we are now at a very different place. Again thanks for making it a great time!

Again thanks! It has been our pleasure getting to know all of you!

From the charming beauty of Europe to the land we call home, this breed has moved and captivated all who come before it.The breathtaking beauty is only one of the characteristics of the breed. Docile, intelligent and magical is the Gypsy Horse!
Painted Hills Farm is a small Gypsy Cob Horse farm located in beautiful rural Western Massachusetts.  Our farm got it's start in Spring of 2006. We are now in a little different place but it was a blast and we enjoyed every minute!

We at Painted Hills Farm believe it is important to not get caught up in the whirlwind but to truly come to know the beauty and the intellegence of the breed. The Gypsy Horse takes your breath away when you first see them. But they are more than just beauty on the outside. They do it all! Come get to know this wonderful and amazing breed better and you will find that you too will get swept up in the magic that is the Gypsy Horse

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