About our Cleaning Products

Same as our paper products, we also sell the following products to our clients at a very good and competitive price.  We buy these products from Gemini Packaging Ltd, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products in Canada.

Please use our Client's Order Form to order the following products from us and just put in the Code # for each product that you want to order and we will deliver it to you in our next cleaning trip.  All the terms and conditions and our policy of buying these products from us are the same as buying the paper products from us.  Thank you.

 Code # FF-FP-00-044 (1)

 Code # FF-ZA-C1-001 (1)


Code # FF-ZA-D1-001 (1)

Code # FF-ZA-E7-141 (1)

Code # FF-ZA-E9-001 (1)

Code # FF-ZA-F1-059(1)

Code # FF-ZA-G2-077(1)

Code # FF-ZA-G3-001(1)

Code # FF-ZA-G3-083 (1)

Code # FF-ZA-H1-179(1)

Code # FF-ZA-HB-003(1)

Code # FF-ZA-M1-001(1)