About our services

We are offering the following services to our clients now:

* Move-in or move-out cleaning for the landlords or the tenants;

* One time or regular cleaning for homeowners or buyers.  Our past and current satisfied clients include owners of apartment units and buildings; houses; a hotel; bed and breakfast facility; restaurants; offices and the Richmond Night Market.  We have also served a lot of realtors and tenants.

* Depending on our client's situation and requirements, we have basic or deep (detailed and extensive) house cleaning available to them, including dusting; vacuuming; scrubbing; washing; mopping and wiping down the following areas of their houses:

(Please note, however that the following listed works are just guidelines of what we can offer to our clients.  Since each house and each job is different with different charges, the following listed works should not be regarded or treated as a checklist of what we have to do on any job.  Please read them as guidelines and for reference only.


Cleaning and wiping down the surfaces of all doors; handrails; removing cobwebs; wiping down the surfaces of all baseboards and mouldings; sweeping; washing and mopping all floors; wiping off dirty marks or stains on walls; emptying garbage pails; cleaning patio and deck areas etc.


Wiping down the surfaces of kitchen's counter tops; cabinets and cupboards (inside too, if needed); cleaning all appliances (stove; refrigerator; dishwasher; micro-wave oven etc) inside and outside; vacuuming dusts behind the refrigerator; cleaning hood/fan (removing grease); wiping off dirty marks on walls and tiles etc.


Cleaning all bathrooms.  Cleaning and disinfecting toilet(s); scouring tubs and showers; tub walls; bathroom sinks and counters; clean and wipe down mirrors; medicine cabinets; cleaning and polishing bathroom's fixtures and glass doors; sweeping; washing and mopping the bathoom floors).


Cleaning; washing and wiping down all accessible interior windows and screens only.  Removing smudges from window sills and ledges.


We can dust and vacuum all the drapes and blinds for you.  For cleaning blinds, we usually use a steamer to remove smudges but if we think it is not possible and economical to clean the drapes and blinds for you, we will suggest you to take them to the drapes cleaner instead.  It is less expensive and faster to have them cleaned by the drapes and blinds people.  Please look it up under Blinds-Cleaning & Repairs from the google search  for a blinds cleaner.

Did we miss anything here so far?

* We can shampoo all your carpets and upholstery  for you at a very competitive rate if we also do the cleaning for you at the same time;

* We do housekeeping work which includes house tidying; organizing; making beds; washing dishes and? etc;

* We clean and shampoo upholstery such as sofas and chairs and car seats and carpets (we offer this service at a different rate);

* We do exterior window cleaning and power washing of walkways etc (we offer this service at a different rate);

* We also clean office and commercial spaces, including Dental office  , medical clinic etc 

If our work is not listed here, please let us know so that we can try our very best to accommodate your requests.  It would be better if you could send us the job's descriptions for any job so that we know your requirements beforehand.  Please email us your requirements to: canamjanitorial@gmail.com or fill out the "Request for a Quote" form. 

We buy most of our cleaning products and equipment from Janitors' Warehouse; All Vacuum Store; Home Depot and Honda Centre (for our power washing supplies) in Vancouver.  Please note that some of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic for some clients' needs.

By the way, all our quotes are free and without any cost and obligation to you.  We welcome enquiries by phone , text or by emails but preferrably, if you could, initially, please try to send us emails instead. (except emergency)

And, of course, we can provide you with references of clients who have used our services before.

Our email address:  canamjanitorial@gmail.com

Our Website:              www.can-amjanitorial.com