About our Company

Can-Am Janitorial Company Ltd. was established in July 31, 2006, with Daisy Lok, manager and owner operator, who has about 35 years of experience in cleaning, 

In Vancouver, B.C. Canada, we are a licensed, insured and bonded cleaner with very good references.  We are also covered by Work Safe B.C. for worker's injury and compensations.

We have a very strong team of over 10 steady and experienced workers, doing general house cleaning and housekeeping work, including carpet shampooing; interior and exterior window cleaning and power washing.

About our Company's Policy

Among other things, one of the terms of hiring our company is that, for any client who has agreed to hire us for any cleaning job or used our services before, please DO NOT try to hire our worker(s) directly and/or privately without the written approval from our company or it may be subject to any unnecessary arbitrations from us.  Please let us handle all the cleanings for you and let us try to solve any problems you may have as far as cleaning goes.

If you hire any independent cleaner directly (whether he or she was our worker or not), please find out who is responsible if the cleaner has an injury in your home.  In some cases, your homeowner's insurance policy will not cover the injuries of someone you have hired to work in your home, and the independent cleaner may lack sufficient personal health insurance to cover all their expenses in case of an accident.  Also, your insurance may not cover any property damage and theft if the independent cleaner breaks anything in your home or runs off with your valuables.  Besides, most independent cleaners have a tendency NOT to be too stable at all in this business, meaning you see them working this month but there is no guarantee that you will see them again next month.  There is a big turnover in this cleaning business, because this business is very tough and highly competitive which makes it very difficult for anyone to survive (because of lack of business and high expenses), especially, when you work alone and by yourself.

Consequently, under the circumstances, why take a chance when you have a choice!  It is better and safer for you to hire us, a professional cleaning company to serve you, because we are stable and reliable; licensed and insured and we have the experience, manpower; credibility; the right equipment and all the necessary protections for you.

And most important of all is that, anytime you want to find us, you can find us and we are here to answer your call and to serve you.  As our customers, you are always in good hands with us. No sweat!