Our Approach to Education

Each day, Bottles 2 Books provide a balanced approach to learning, giving you the peace of mind that your child will have fun as he develops socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

We give your child the tools to become confident and self-aware. In a caring and stimulating atmosphere, our passionate and engaging teachers give your child endless oppurtunities to grow, learn, and imagine-whether building a spaceship to blast off to Mars or inviting a new friend to share a story during group time.

While academics play a role in development, we believe there are many other oppurtunities for enhancing the whole child.

We recognize that curriculum is more than what appears in manuals or a series of activities. We believe curriculum is everything that happens in a classroom, from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an oppurtunity to educate.

Bottles 2 Books teaches children life skills that go beyond reading, writing, and math.

  • Playing with toys helps develop motor skills and teaches lessons about sharing with friends.
  • Singing songs while washing hands instills an interest in the arts while forging social bonds and educating children about the need for good hygiene.

Each activity is designed with a specific lesson or outcome in mind.

We provide a balance between choice and structured activities, between group and individual pursuits, and between teacher and child-directed experiences.

We teach seasonally relevent lessons. For example, children learn about flowers and spiders in the spring, as well as farming in the fall. And, we give families the tools to continue the education at home.

Powerful research on child development tells us that from birth, a child's brain is a burst of activity.  Each and every experience creates an electrical impulse in a baby's brain, and an immediate connection is made.  These early connections form the foundation for the acquisition of language, mathemathical reasoning and logic, art and music appreciation, and the development of emotional intelligence. 

We also know that family members and early childhood educators can have the greatest impact on each child's potential for learning.  The early interactions, stimulating environment, and learning opportunities we provide at "Bottles 2 Books Quality Child Care Academy" will help determine how young children will learn, think, feel, behave and interact for the rest of their lives! 

The entire mission, philosophy, and practices of "Bottles 2 Books Quality Child Care Academy" are devoted to the development of a healthy sense of self in every child enrolled in our care and commitment to quality.