04-7-2007 11:28:58 pm CDT

Is Sanjaya actually more popular than the press is admitting?

This is a blog question from one of our Fanjaya.com fan members (Eric) and it's a good question. Do you think that AI, the press and (or) all the top A&R people are trying to play off Sanjaya's overall popularity? Does anyone think that perhaps Sanjaya already has a record deal signed by Simon himself? 


04-6-2007 09:17:27 pm CDT

'American Idol' producer Ken Warwick "pretty confident" Sanjaya Malakar won't win

Idol executive producer Ken Warwick thinks Sanjaya will eventually be sent packing. He says "Personally I don't expect him to be there at the end, but you never know.  It's not up to me; it's up to the public. Americans normally get it right in the end... I'm pretty confident Sanjaya will not be the American Idol this year," Warwick told reporters during a conference call on Tuesday. Can we all prove him wrong?! Get involved and give us your thoughts.


04-5-2007 09:28:40 am CDT

Thoughts about Gina going home?

Who feels that maybe Phil or Chris should have left before Gina? Do you agree with America about voting Gina off this week?


04-3-2007 08:50:05 pm CDT

Who do you think will go home next week ?

Please post who you think will go home next week and why?

Here's who's left: Sanjaya - Phil - Haley - Chris - Blake - Jordan - Lakisha - Melinda


03-28-2007 10:53:09 pm CDT

Simon's soft spot for Sanjaya

Is it just me, or has Simon lighted up considerably on Sanjaya the last few weeks? After stating that he would quit American Idol if Sanjaya won it all, he has been pretty leinient with his after performance comments and one would think that he may be trying to retract all those previous harsh comments, in his own way, by offering some soft spoken, quick and witty, non intrusive (almost positve) comments the last few performances. What do you think, does Simon support Sanjaya now or what?


03-28-2007 10:35:06 pm CDT

Ryan Seacrest wearing Sanjaya Mohawk wig

At the beginning of Wednesday nights show, Ryan Seacrest came out on stage with a Sanjaya Mohawk wig! How awesome is that for Fanjaya fans? As we all know by now, bad publicity is good publicity, and of course, any publicity is at all is always good publicity. I would say that this was good publicity for Sanjaya! Even though he was poking fun at Sanjaya, Ryan was actually supporting Sanjaya's cause by making a huge fashion statement in front of over 30 million viewers. Do you agree or disagreee, and why? Please get involved and voice you opinion on the Fanjaya.com blogs!


03-24-2007 11:34:03 am CDT

Will Sanjaya make it through another week?

With all the hype going on and more and more Sanjaya haters getting noticably upset. Do you think that Sanjaya has what it takes to make it one more week? Does Sanjaya have enough fan base to vote for him if he has a mediocre performance? Obviously there is one sure way for him to make it through another week. Sing Sanjaya Sing! (After all this is a singing competition right?)


03-22-2007 09:38:04 am CDT

Did Stephanie Edwards really deserve to go home?

Lets keep it real here on this one. Do you really think that Stephanie deserved to get booted? Who do you think in your opinion, should have left instead?


03-22-2007 09:14:30 am CDT

Was the crying girl fixed?

There is talk that Ashley (the infamous crying girl) may have been a set up or fixed. Someone said that she was sitting in right in front of one of the shows producers in special seating and the camera sure went to her a lot. What do you think?


03-20-2007 06:29:09 pm CDT

How do you think Sanjaya did with "You really got me"?

Did Sanjaya blow everyone away with this song or what? Lets discuss how we felt about Sanjay's You really got me performance in this blog. What did you think of his song choice? Lets keep it real. Do you think it was Sanjaya's best performance so far? If not what do you think was?