American Idols Live concert
Continental Airlines Arena August 28 2007

We bought tickets that are listed on Home page of for only $20, and look at how close we were. Sanjaya definitely had the most fans there. When he came out the crowd went crazy! Everyone was screaming "We love you Sanjaya"!

Sanjaya talked to the crowd too. What a personality. He was the highlight of the night.
He looked and danced so hot. He was surely the best dancer and had by far the best stage presence. A few times he swiped his hands in the crowd and lucky fans got to touch him!

This was a great shot because the picture of him was in the background. Unfortunately it came out a little blurry. He rocked like he never ever did on the show.

A group shot on the finale song. Sanjaya has his hands the air. I would say he changed clothes about 5 times. He looked super hot in all white. Yum! What a great time we had to see all the Idols up close and live. It was a fantastic show. See the set list here .