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Member name Fan Club Handle State or country
Joan Hall Hovey New Fan! JoanieH Canada
Sara New Fan! SanjayaForeverxx Michigan
Sarah New Fan! sanjayalover94 North Carolina
Julie New Fan! IdolJulie123 New Jersey
AnnMarie New Fan! IdolAnnMarie123 New Jersey
Michele New Fan! ILOVESANJAYA New Jersey
Mary New Fan! sisterhubie Illinois
Charleigh New Fan! CharleighAddison Montana
Anna New Fan! AnnaluvsSanjaya United States
martha New Fan! miley Texas
Katie New Fan! sanjaya#1fan!!! California
A'keyla New Fan! Kitten Michigan
Hanna New Fan! Hanjaya California/England
Claire New Fan! Clairebear Ukrane
Greg 375th Fan! GregMN Minnesota

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Fan Member Comments of why they love Sanjaya

Joan Hall Hovey "Sanjaya is a courageous young man, with amazing talent, a smile to light up a room, and a brilliant career ahead of him."
Sara "He is a great singer, and a lovely person to seem to be around."
Sarah "He is so nice and he would never be mean to others!"
Julie "he is talented"
AnnMarie "He is friendly, he is positive thinking, interesting, young, fresh and pure"
Michelle "He is a great singer, great hair, and is nice"
Mary "He has taken all the abuse heaped on him with grace and good humor!"
"cuz he's sanjalicious!!!!!"
Anna "I love Sanjaya because he is cute and an awesome singer!"
martha "his cute smile and how he crys what a man"
Katie "I live him because he has a great personality and voice, and is reallly cute and nice"
"I love Sanjaya because he is so hot ,intelligent,and funny."
Hanna "He has a sweet and fun-loving aura that not many people possess."
claire "I like his nose."
Greg "He is colorful, energetic and likeable, and he has great potential if his career is properly managed and actively, visibly promoted!"