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                                                                                                             Berea, Ohio:

                     THEN: The Grindstone Capitol of the World
Located approximately ten miles southwest of downtown Cleveland and one mile south of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport lies the town of Berea. A blend of historic and modern homes lines the streets of Berea.  The town is bound together with traditioinal American values and a lively community spirit by the mix of people and organizations there.
Berea was first settled in 1809 by Jarod Hickox, who came from New England.  In 1836, settlers, led by Reverend Henry O. Sheldon, gathered to choose a name for their community.  Tabor and Berea, names of biblical places, were suggested and by the flip of a coin, the village became Berea.
In 1842, John Baldwin, considered to be one of the towns founding fathers, discovered a rich sandstone vein near Berea.  His invention of the lathe, which he used to cut stone into grindstones, soon led to Berea becoming known as the "Grindstone Capital of the World."  Berea stone was shipped to build the Parliament Building in Canada and the Palmer House in Chicago.  At one time there were five quarry companies operating almost one hundred acres of land and employing more than three hundred men.  In 1946, the quarry industry came to an end, and the quarries were turned into parks and lakes for the enjoyment of future generations.
The ARK in Berea is the Home of the Global Environmental Arts Movement
Berea continues to be a global leader in sustainable development through ICEALITY.
s also the permanent headquarters of the Cleveland Browns Training and Office Complex. The $13,000,000 facility is one of only 28 in the country, and is considered state of the art.  It is the center of the First Avenue Revitalization area, which was planned to bring greater development into the city.
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Can Berea Have a Cool Mayor?
A Cool Mayor is about climate and ICEAlity Leadership . A Cool Mayor is about a can-do attitude and a solutions-oriented approach. A Cool Mayor is prepared to take on a difficult issue piece by piece and bring the community along. A Cool Mayor uses the Environmental Arts to act - to promote energy efficiency, pioneer renewable energy, recycle waste, plant trees, plan smart growth, reduce traffic congestion - whatever it takes to bring about climate protection, piece by piece, solution by solution.. Cool Mayors run small towns and large cities. They are working around the world and they cross political boundaries to get the job done. Mayors utilizing the concepts of ICEAlity from around the world who are already leading the charge and implementing solutions at the local level.
Learn more about the steps these visionary local governments are taking at www.coolmayors.org .

Famous Berea Citizens

 David Jakupca
Spiritual Father of the Environmental Arts Movement
American Cultural Ambassador
Universal Peace Ambassador
Fonder of the International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)

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BW Education Action Alert!
Tell Congress to Help Make College Affordable for All Students
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2008 COASTWEEKS Childrens Art and Essay Contest/ click here    

                             Is downtown Cleveland getting to dangerous to visit?  Have a safe and fun time with your Family in Beautiful Berea!!


Cleveland Browns Training Camp - Browns fans are buzzing as they prepare to get their first look at the team when training camp starts in Berea Friday. All practices will be open to the public and are free of charge    . Two-a-days will be held on July 28, July 30, Aug. 1, Aug. 6, Aug. 14 and Aug. 21 ---  COMPLETE DETAILS:  HERE .


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