Model 800 OTV

The Verifiable On-The-Vehicle (OTV) Solution

The Model 800 On-The-Car Brake Lathes offer the perfect solution to correcting lateral run-out and thickness variation on vehicles that require rotors to be machined while still installed.



AMMCO Combination Bench Lathes - Model 4000B

First Choice of Professionals for Over 50 Years

Since its initial introduction four decades ago, the Ammco Model 4000B lathe has been a favorite of brake technicians everywhere. And for good reason. It's simple. It's fast. It's very precise. Ammco combination bench lathes  support rotors or drums using a standard one inch arbor. And like all Ammco brake lathes, it almost never breaks down.


Model 4100B Medium-Duty Disc/Drum

For Wider Brake Assemblies

The Model 4100B bench lathe has the same basic design and features of our best-selling Model 4000B, but it also offers additional spindle travel to 9.875" (250.83mm).



Model 3860B Combination Disc/Drum

A Choice for Flexibility

Model 3860B brake lathes are for shops that need speed, disc/drum versatility, and low maintenance operation.



Model 7500B Disc Brake Lathe

A Fast Disc-Only Machine

The Model 7500B brake lathe dramatically expands service capabilities for luxury, foreign, and late model cars.