Coats® XR Series

Solve The Toughest Vibration Problems
A complete suite of diagnostic software identifies and solves even the toughest vibration problems, including those related to excessive radial runout, lateral runout, and residual static imbalance. Diagnostics are fast enough to use on every balance for ultimate customer satisfaction. Radically reduces time spent on comebacks.


Coats® Model 1250 and Model 1250-3DV

Built with your productivity and profitability in mind.

LCD Flat-Screen and On-Board Training
The Model 1250-3DV adds a new video dimension to our proven, direct drive balancer technology. The commercial grade LCD flat-screen walks technicians through the balancing process with life-like animation. It’s like having a live demo every step of the way.


Coats® Model 950 and 1050 Series

Fast, Solid High Volume Performance

The Model 10 Series wheel balancer machines have the mechanical and electronic power to be a key tool in high volume shops. The Model 950 wheel balancer is recognized as the workhorse of the wheel service industry.


Coats® Model 700 and 850

The 850 wheel balancer is designed for full-service, high-quality shops and/or any shop that needs a quality back up balancer for busy days. The Coats Model 700 wheel balancer is ideal for cost-conscious shops, or shops that occasionally balance wheels.


Coats® Model 1175, 875 and 775

New profit possibilities at an extremely practical price.

The Perfect Medium-Duty Back-Up Machine. Or Your One and Only.
Whether you want to begin offering wheel balancing to stay more competitive or just need a back-up machine for the full-featured balancer you already have, our Coats® 1175 is a great choice.