Coats® 4050A Center Post

Little did Gil Coats know in 1947 that the wheel-holder he designed for changing tractor tires would become the forerunner of the most popular automatic tire changer machines ever sold.



Coats® Rim Clamp Model 5040A/E®

Highly Capable and Cost Effective For Today's Busy Shops

Clamps Wheels Externally Up to 21"
Wheels keep getting bigger and more easy to damage. The Coats 5040A/E allows you to service larger assemblies up to 21" while providing the speed you need to keep the work moving through the shop - So you can work quickly on a variety of applications.



Coats® 50X Series Rim Clamp®

A Perennial Best Seller and Industry Workhorse

The COATS 50X Series tire changer models are a perennial best seller ®because they pack a lot of features into a very affordable package.


Coats® 70X Series Rim Clamp®

Built to Make Chaning Low Profiles, Runflats, and other Tough Tires Fast and Easy

The Coats 70X Series Tire Changer models are designed especially to handle tough-to-change tires like low profiles and runflats.


Coats® Model 9024E Rim Clamp®

The Tire Changer That Takes On The Biggest Challenges

Clamps Wheels Externally Up to 24" (Up to 28" with optional clamps,)
Wheels keep getting bigger and more expensive. The Coats 9024E allows you to change tires on oversized wheels (up to 24”) while providing complete protection. It can also clamp internally up to 26”. You can service the expanding market for custom alloy wheels.


Coats® APX80 A/E Rim Clamp®

Big Wheels or Small, the APX80 Handles Them All

If you want a workhorse tire changer but still need to handle the larger tires that come in the door, this is the ideal step-up machine. Plus, if your big tire business continues to grow, you can easily upgrade with power helper options to expand your capabilities even further.


Coats® APX90 A/E Rim Clamp® Tire Changer

The Tire Changer Platform for the Future

The APX90 can handle nearly any application, with the ability to service wheels from 9" to 30" externally and without the need for additional adapters. At the same time it provides an ergonomic user experience with intuitive and easy to operate features, so that you can focus on changing tires without complicated training issues. Capacity, Productivity, and Protection—the APX90 delivers on all counts.