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Produced by Danny Foust, Starburst Productions
Recorded at: Audio Arts, Memphis, TN, Sounds of Memphis, Memphis, TN, Independent Recorders, Studio City, CA
Engineers: B. B. Cunningham, Dan Foust, Craig Fall, Kyle Aylor
Mastered at Audiographics Masterworks of Memphis, TN.
Dedicated: To the memory of Lelan Rogers.

Songs, Songwriters, and Publishers:

1. Let It All Hang Out (Again) - (B. Cunningham. J. Masters, G. Mc Ewen, J. Hunter), Snooty Music, BMI.
2. Drink Out Of This Cup - (B. Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.
3. Swamp River Lady - (B. Cunningham, D. Rogers), Humble Puppy Inc, ASCAP/Danbe Music, BMI.
4. Cowboys Don't Carry Six Guns Anymore - (A. Terebesy), Danbe Music, BMI.
5. Can't Boogie Down In Newhall - (B. Cunningham, C. Fall, L Hatcher), Danbe Music, BMI.
6. What You Got - (B. Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.
7. She's An Angel - (G. Cunningham, J. Cunningham, B. Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.
8. You Can't Catch Me - (Chuck Berry), Isalee Music, BMI.
9. Ooh Wee Baby - (G. Cunningham. J. Cunningham, B. Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.
10. Sea of Love - (Philip Baptiste, George Khoury). Ft. Knox/ Trio Music, BMI.
11. What'cha Gonna Do? - (Danny Rogers, Kenny Rogers), Cherry Lane, BMI.
12. Down In Love - (B. Cunningham, Barbara Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.
13. Midnight Angels - (B. Cunningham), Bro. Karls Music, BMI.
14. Memphis In The Rain - (B. Cunningham), Danbe Music, BMI.


Drums: Jeff Porcaro, Joe Cunningham, B. B. Cunningham, Michael Moore, Lanny Williams, Joe Gray, Jack Muth
Guitar: James Burton, Sean Denley, Craig Fall, Jack Rowell, Kyle Aylor, Wayne Swinny, Gary Talley, Gary Mc Ewen
Keyboards: David Paich, B. B. Cunningham, Gary Cunningham, Gerry Peters, Phil Anderson
Bass: David Hungate, Jerry Masters, B. B. Cunningham, Terry Ragno, Gary Mc Ewen
Harmonica: Ron Crowder
Saxophone: Ed Smith
Background Vocals: Jack Rowell, Gary Cunningham, Joe Cunningham, Charlene Duncan, Ta Ta Vega, Jerry Masters, Gary Mc Ewen

Notes: Jeff Pocaro, David Paich, and David Hungate are members of Toto. Wayne Swinny is a member of Saliva. Gary Talley is a member of the Boxtops. Jerry Masters and Gary Mc Ewen are members of the Hombres. James Burton has been lead guitarist for Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Merle Haggard, Roy Orbison, John Denver and Jerry Lee Lewis. Introduction by George Klein. "Sea of Love", "You Can't Catch Me", and "Midnight Angels" were produced by 123Productions.
Copyright © 2002 by Supreme Records, part of the Local Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.