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In 1999, B. B. along with the original Hombres, recorded a re-rite version with new lyrics of their 1967 hit "Let It All Hang Out". This version featured, world famous disc-jockey and close friend of Elvis Presley, George Klein, on the intro, Joe Cunningham on drums, and Rock & Roll Country Music Hall of Famer, guitarist, James Burton. The project was released on B. B.'s solo albumn, by Supreme Records (see albumn).

B. B is involved with his studio, building partner, Sean Faust, President and CEO of New School Media a 5.1 Video Production Facility, located in the same building as the State of the Art audio recording studio named Easley's Recording, also Sean and B. B. run Danbemark BMI, a music publishing company on the same premesis, located in Memphis. Sean is the son of Dan Foust, B. B.'s first drummer, in the 6 O'Clock Boys.
Sean took over the partnership after the death of his dad.                                  

Sean Faust 
                                                                                                                                                      B. B. & Doug Easley  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From 2003-2004, B. B. performed with a group, "The Memphians", formed by Robert Hall (Jerry Lee Lewis's drummer). The group consisted of Joe Norman (guitar), Rick Steff (keyboards), B. B. (bass), & Robert Hall (drums), and all members, vocals. The groups mainstay was the Rum Boogie Cafe Club on world famous Beale Street in Memphis. The group's forte' was all Memphis Music. Joe Norman, has been replaced by James Lott (guitarist & Chief Engineer for world famous Sun Studio).

B. B. also travels by himself often to Sweden, to perform with the Swedish group, The Cadillac Band.   B. B. was introduced to this group, by James Burton. The group led by drummer Ulf Nilsson, features, Swedish 60's Pop Stars, Svenne Heduand, from the Hepstars & Tommy Blom of Tages.



           The Cadillac Band