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B. B. and the Hombres were on top of the Rock and Roll world and were constantly on the road, headlining shows with some of the top music stars of that time. About this same time, B. B. 's brother Bill  Cunningham was helping to form another Memphis band, The Boxtops. Known for "The Letter"  

                                                                                                                                                                                                              With the Hombres road work slowing down, B. B. was employed by Sounds of Memphis Studio, and learned audio engineering from Wooley Bulley Producer, Stan Kessler.  
B. B.'s
 first recording session was with Don Henley, who was with a group called Felicity.
The session was Don's 1st recording session as an artist, B. B.'s 1st recording session as an engineer, and Kenny Rogers 1st recording session as a Producer. Kenny's hit at that moment was "Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town" by the First Edition. B. B. went on to produce Maceo and All The Kings Men. (James Brown's Band), called Doing Their Own Thing. B. B.'s relationship with Kenny's older brother Lelan Rogers, who was into R & B
gave B. B. an insight to that field of music, which helped in the recording of Betty Lavette, Hank Ballard, The Memphis Horns, & Mary Wells. B. B. & Stan Kessler briefly worked for Chips Moman @American Studios in Memphis, then B. B. went to CA in 1971.

While in CA, B. B. was chief engineer at Independent  Recorders, located @   Colfax
& Ventura Blvd.  in Studio City CA. B. B. discovered Juice Newton @ a wine& Cheese bar on Ventura Blvd. Recorded 4 songs & placed her with RCA Records under the name the Silver Spurs. Also, he recorded all Billy Joel's Demo's up to Piano Man. B. B. also worked with Lou Rawls, Dorsey Burnett, Jack Carone, Phil Everly, Elton John, Billy Preston, Paul Anka, Mac Davis, Ventures, Lettermen, but B. B.'s favorite session was with Mel Blanc, a Hanna/Barbera Production of the Purple Pumpkin.While in Hollywood, B. B. became friends with a young unknown starlet named Jacqueline Smith when he engineered the sound track for her first movie, The Bootleggers. Together with some more friends; Dyan Cannon, Lee Van Cleave, Chad Everett, and Michael Cole they made the Hollywood Party circuit together for several years. scored several motion picture sound tracks.

 B. B. returned to Memphis in 1975 & joined the group "Red Hot & Blue, which consisted of Glenn Fitzgerald, guitar/vocals,  Jack Muth, drums,& B. B.,bass/vocals/keys. At this same time period, B. B. partnered with Dan Foust (original drummer, 6 O'Clock  Boys) in a garage studio effort called House of Foust. The studio grew so fast, that a commercial building was purchased in 1987.

In 1997 B. B. joined Jerry Lee Lewis as his Bassist, and has been touring ever since.