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This year give a “green gift” Give a Gift of Health

Gift Certificates & Healing Packages

Integrated energy therapy, Vibrational Reiki and vibrational sound therapy aid in muscle recovery and flushing out toxins as well as relieve stress and induce deeper sleep.

 For a limited time only, I am offering a special rate on the purchase of holiday gift certificates.  Simple, convenient, and a great price.

$10 off Purchase of Gift Certificate or you can purchase a package:

3 Vibrational Sound Reiki Therapy Sessions or Integrated Energy Therapy or Sound Therapy

Vibrational Sound Reiki Therapy Package  - $240                       

Choice of Bonus Session:

One free Meditation  OR  20 minutes in the Salt Room. 

Regular Price $290

Package Savings of $50

3 Vibrational Raindrop or Rock and Rain  Sessions

Vibrational Raindrop or Rock and Rain Package - $300               

Regular Price $330

Package Savings of $30

3 Massages

Massage Package - $285                                                             

Regular Price $300

Package Saving of $15


3 Massages


3 - 30 Minute Salt Therapy Treatments                                     

Massage and Salt Therapy Treatment  Package - $330

Regular Price $390

Package Saving of $60


3 ART Sessions (regular $75 each)


Free Initial ART consultation (regular $45)                           

Allergy Reduction Technique Package - $180

Regular Price $270

Package Saving of $90

Healy Treatment package - $120

3 Healy Treatments

Choose from: Emotional balance,  Release for pain,  Care for immune system support,         

Beauty and skin,   Meridians,   Chakras

Regular Price $180

Package Saving of $60

To purchase call or text Carol (585) 663-6454    Cash, Check, or 

Certificates can be picked up or mailed.   Cannot be combined with any other offer.




Keep your body mind and Spirit healthy

Detox from emotional stress & toxins


Balance your overall wellness. By balancing your pH and respiratory system                 


Most people have over 5 lb of accumulated toxins stored in the cells of their body over a lifetime and they need to detox to cleanse their body (cancer and diabetes are highly toxic). Please realize that it takes time for your body to detox and cleanse. You may be tired because your body is getting rid of the toxins that have been accumulating over long periods of time. We are constantly being exposed to new toxins which can overload our system and cause disease. Given time most have a renewed energy level.

You can either feel better by coming once a week,

Twice a week to improve your health, or

Three times a week to take back your health.


Package 1: I just want to be healthy:

4 Ionic Foot Detoxes and 4 salt rooms $220

($260 value)


Commit to your health and be a wellness warrior.

A wellness warrior is three times a week for one month, then two times a week for one month and then once a week thereafter to maintain health.


Package 2: Wellness Warrior: Detox a chronic or acute condition.

12 Ionic Foot Detoxes &12 salt room treatments three times a week for one month.      


Bonus: One free meditation and $5 towards any workshop  ($805 value)

Add on

Two times a week for 1 months


Bonus two free meditations and $5 off any workshop ($325 value)


The ionic foot detox must be used consecutively for the Wellness Warrior to be truly beneficial.

Halotherapy Salt Room improves respiratory conditions, skin conditions, and reduces stress, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder.


To purchase call or text Carol (585) 663-6454                                                                                          

Cash, Check or




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