Since development and my inception as CEO of Ambiente Federal Services, LLC I have performed and provided well over 38 Capabilities Presentations, attended four primary SB federal conferences, and have emailed our cover letter, SOQ, and capabilities presentations to well over 154 federal contracting officers, SB Deputy Directors, and many of the larger federal prime contractors who possess multiple IDIQ’s, MACC’S, MILCON’S, MATOC’S, and various contract vehicles throughout the many regions we currently focus on.

With BRAC 05’s emphasis starting to build up in the SW, Western, & Pacific Rim and with many of the NAVFAC, USACE, USAF, and Dept of VA starting to receive their allotments and funding within the first and second quarter, our primary objectives should be clear. In my first two weeks was CEO of AFS I had noticed that although we have a great team and we possess the nucleus to take our firm to the second level with the existing team members, and we make several minor adjustments regarding additional support management individuals which I will mention at this core meeting as we progress, I feel that we, as a team, should focus on what needs to be performed in both business development marketing strategies, and a well targeted marketing plan which will

result in immediate contract awards. AFS is starting to align themselves with other core support agencies who have set aside goals as well as develop strong teaming alliances with many of the surrounding large federal primes who have an interest in aligning themselves with a well disciplined ANC organization who possesses the capabilities and services which will assist in attaining and reaching their goals for their “immediate needs”.



Within a two month period that I have been involved with developing AFS core business philosophy, and not counting the first two weeks of getting acquainted with both the AFS teaming structure, as well as the team members, we have had many of the above referenced firms acknowledge our core competencies and have requested AFS’s return and start to matriculate ourselves with our federal prime teams immediate needs and objectives and also, with having additional meetings to secure both upcoming opportunities, as well as assisting them with their existing contract IDIQ federal task orders which will be forthcoming when federal requisitioned funding is to be released.




AFS plans to optimize internal operational productivity and efficiency

relative to our corporate vision and mission.


• Pulsing the Organization – Surveys, Skip Level Meetings, One -To -

One Discussions with all AFS team members

• Re-structuring the Organization – Based on Need and/or Customer

• Managing Resources – Personnel, Equipment, Business Tools

• Identifying and Implementing Best Business Practices – PM, Accounting,



• Promoting and Participating in Professional Development Activities



• Opening communication lines – Vertically and Horizontally

• Establishing a Strong Corporate Culture

• Creating a Pleasant and Rewarding Working Environment


External Support:

Supporting customer development activities



Federal Agencies Ambiente has presented Capabilities Presentations

(From January 30th to present):

• NAVFAC (7 Divisions)

• NAVFAC- SE District-Charleston, So. Carolina

• USACE (4 Districts)

• Army Environmental Corps-USACE Baltimore District

• Army National Training Center-Fort Irwin, CA

• MCAS-29 Palms

• USCG (2 Divisions)



• Dept of VA (3 Facilities)

• Dept of Interior

• Dept of Indian Affairs




• MCAS (8 FAC’S)


Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)

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