Our balloon twisters provide weekly table-side entertainment at several restaurants. Please remember to tip your balloon twister & your waiter. They work hard to provide good service & entertainment for you.



Oasis (620/Comanche Trail) ... 5:30-8:30 pm



Oasis (620/Comanche Trail) ... 1:30-4:30 pm



Oasis (620/Comanche Trail) ... 5-8  pm




Pappasitos @ 35/183...12-3pm

Oasis @ 620/Comanche Trail....1-4pm



Oasis @ 620/Comanche Trail...4-7pm


We also hope to see you at your next party or event!


Call toll free 888-458-7247 to book an entertainer.


ATTENTION HAPPY CUSTOMERS: Our services were cancelled at one of our regular restaurants because of lack of feedback from customers telling them they liked having us there. No complaints...But no compliments either. If you value our service, please let the restaurant managers know. We know you love us because you tell us. So please tell our managers too, so we can stay out there amazing you & delighting your kids!

Thanks for your support.