NEW TWISTER (less than 6 months training).....$65 per hour

*Very basic balloons, Face Paint, etc.

INTERMEDIATE TWISTER (6-12 months training).....$80 per hour

*Better than beginner, but not Amazing yet.

AMAZING TWISTER  (more than 1 yr. training).....$95 per hour

*Can do most of what the kids ask for & it will look really good!

MASTER TWISTER (Best of the Best!).....$110 per hour

*Jaw dropping! Incredible designs! Your guests will be begging for more!


Any extra fees you should know about?

CARICATURE ARTIST.....Choose your level from above & add extra $15 per hour to that.

COSTUME.....Choose your level from above & add $60 for the 1st hour and $30 per additional hour in costume

(Costumes with anything covering face can only be worn for 15-20 minutes, due to possible dangerous overheating of entertainer & boredom of kids because entertainer can't see well enough to do anything but wave & pose for photos. Entertainers are NOT trained impersonators. They simply wear the costume, while performing activities you have chosen from our activity list.)

***IMPORTANT! Cancelation fee = $25 per hr, per entertainer booked. We need to rightfully compensate the entertainer for turning away other parties (income) in order to reserve their time for you, if you cancel. Thank you.***

Is there a minimum?

For San Antonio

1 1/2 Hours Minimum per Entertainer for Parties Within the 1604 Loop.
2 Hours Minimum for Parties 1-15 Minutes Outside the 1604 Loop.

For Austin

1 1/2 Hours Minimum within Austin city limits.
2 Hours Minimum for 1-15 minute drive outside Austin city limits.



We CAN perform at parties/events more than 15 min. drive outside the 1604 Loop & outside Austin city limits, but we require you to book us for more time to make it worth the drive. Call us for more info. @ 888-458-7247 (toll free)



Book 4-5 Hours & get 20% OFF!

Book 6 or more hours & get 30% OFF!

(Example: Book 2 entertainers for 2 hours = 4 hours)

* Sorry, No Discounts for Parties Located More Than 15 Minutes Drive Outside the 1604 Loop OR outside Austin city limits.



We offer a "Bottom of the Bucket" price exclusively to our restaurants & businesses who have us there on a weekly basis.
Call us for a free demo & quote.....888-458-7247 (toll free)




We require a minimum deposit of half down by the Wednesday before your event...RECEIVED, not postmarked. Sorry, we're not set up for credit cards. 

Last minute parties can only be taken if paid for in cash & you agree not to cancel for any reason, as it will not give us enough time to replace your party with different work for the entertainer.

Book in as much advance as possible to ensure our availability.

We hope to hear from you soon.

(toll free)