Christena Barry.....Owner

Amazing Texas Twisters


Christena Barry started her kids entertaining training 11 years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. She worked for another company there called "Balloons With A Twist". She decided to try it out & found it to be the perfect career for her. She ensures that her staff are the most well-trained kids entertainers in Texas by training them herself, having those she has trained over the years help out with training, allowing them access to her extensive training library, inviting some of the world's best kids entertainers to come & do private classes with them,  and encouraging their own creativity with contests & prizes.

Christena has earned respect from others because she chooses to be the best business person possible without stealing clients from other twisters. In fact, one of her main reasons for coming to Texas was to start her business in a different area than the previous company she worked for. She didn't feel that it would be moral or ethical to hurt the person who provided her with a job & training by competing with her in the same city for the same customers.

"If a man pays back evil for good, evil will never leave his house."
Proverbs 17:13

So she left all her beloved friends & relatives behind to come to San Antonio, where she knew no one, to start this business. And God has blessed her for her integrity. She also expanded her business into Austin in February 2010. She was sought out & invited personally by the Better Business Bureau to become a member & currently has the only party business in San Antonio to be accreditted by them & rated A+! One of her twisters was recently featured in American Airlines magazine. Her team was voted "Best Party Entertainers in San Antonio" 2 years in a row by Nickelodian's web site for parents. She was also sought out by The San Antonio Express News & The San Antonio Business Journal to have stories done on her in their papers. When asked by the reporters what she loves most about this business, she found it difficult to pick one thing. She loves the smiles & giggles from the children she entertains, as well as the "Wow! You're Amazing!" compliments she receives from the big kids (a.k.a. adults). She also loves the "thank you's" she receives from her team because they love the job too. They have become like a wonderful extended family to her. And it's always fun to be creative & come up with cool, new balloon creations.

"There's so much to love about this business. I always tell people 'I'm paid to party'. Of course, there are frustrations that go with it,  just like any other job, but all the fun I have makes it worth it.  And my team of twisters TRULY ARE AMAZING!"

Christena has two boys, age 14 & 17. The whole family is enjoying their residents  in Texas since June '04.

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