Amy Sall, NY Editor, Lurve Magazine

“I’m growing my hair out right now so I keep it in a little bun. I wash it every week at the hair salon. African American hair, it’s a process—you have to wash it once a week; if I washed it every day, it would fall out! So I go every week and get it washed, conditioned, and blown out. I go to a salon in the Bronx called Doris*—my hairdresser’s Doris—she is amazing. She’s been recommended to me by a ton of people. She assesses the situation and treats it from there. I get it relaxed every two to three months, otherwise it’s super curly. It’s not easy to manage when it’s curly! [Laughs] Anyway, it’s around $80 a week, but it’s worth it. I usually go to Ricky’s for hair products; I like this line called Mizani —it’s super moisturizing.

For my face, I use Kiehl’s Foaming Non-Detergent Washable Cleanser ; it’s really simple and wonderful. And then I use their Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub —it’s really gentle but you still feel the exfoliation happening. Right now, I’m using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion SPF 15 . My face tends to get oily so I keep my moisturizer pretty light. And I know it sounds cliché but I do drink a ton of water. It’s a chore, for sure, but I’m always like, ‘This has to work.’

I’d always been afraid of experimenting with color because I have very dark skin, so it took me a while to get comfortable with adding a splash of color here and there. Now I’ll throw on a berry lipstick—I’ve learned that deep plum colors work well with my complexion. Like what I’m wearing right now—this is ‘Confession’ by Urban Decay . Normally I wear mascara, by Sephora or Givenchy . If something unexpected shows up on my face, I’ll use a little Makeup Forever concealer .

I’m obsessed with the gym. I love my fitness instructor Tina Thompson—she teaches at the Union Square and Bowery Street locations of Crunch , so I alternate between those two. I take her classes five times a week. She does a combination of cardio and body sculpting, to a mix of really good, fast-paced music, so you’re constantly working. She’s hilarious—you’re laughing the whole time. And the people I see there become friends of mine, so it turns into this social event/workout. I think my gym membership is the best thing I’ve ever bought, because of her."