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Professional Services

CLIA  Guidelines for Accreditation

Community Hospital Laboratories

 Physician's Office Laboratories

All Levels of Complexities; Waived, Moderate, and High 

CLIA     COLA      JCAHO     CAP


 Degrees in both

Medical Technology 


Clinical Microbiology


Polly Holder, BS MT(ASCP)




                      for a consultation, please call                         208-303-7500

Medical Technologist

Certified by the

 American Society of Clinical Pathologists


   over 30 years experience in the

Clinical Laboratory


               Proven Record....References available                 



Procedure Manuals  - customized for your laboratory and testing personnel

Instrumentation - chosen for your daily workload in your laboratory

Daily Logs and Worksheets - designed for the actual needs of your facility according to the current instrumentation

Reference Labs - arrange for specimen pick-up and electronic or faxed final reports usually within 24 hours

 Calibration - Quality Control - Instrument Maintenance - Personnel

Verification of Performance Specifications

Pre-Anaytic, Analytic, and Post-Analytic Phases of Testing

Hematology - Chemistry - Coagulation - Urinalysis - Microbiology 

 Immunology - Blood Bank - Transfusion Services

Mock Inspections - New Clinical Laboratory Set-up

Proficiency Testing set-up

Provider Performed Microscopy

Competency for all Personnel-Phlebotomists and Testing Personnel

One-On-One Training of all Personnel for all areas of Laboratory Testing- 

including Blood Bank and Microbiology




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