OCTOBER 19th - 24th we will be hosting Jay Seegert on:
"Why Christianity is more plausible today than ever"
Please make plans to attend one or all of these events; a great opportunity for Christians to get better equipped and skeptics/agnostics to find out more about what Christian theism is and is not.

I (James Stroud) am putting this on as an encourager of academic freedom and critical thinking; moreover I am also putting this together to help the Ratio Christi Chapter at the UofA and NWACC to get more attention and recognition that this is opened and operating and  I highly encourage students to get plugged into this FREE resource and at least meet with chapter director Peter Freund or go to one of their monthly meetingshttps://ratiochristi.org/people/peter-freund (email: wpfreund@gmail.com)

This is a 4 days weekend of events with tons of FREE products and goods for both the skeptic as well as the Christian who is uncertain how to handle such questions as: Evolution? Suffering/Evil? Other religions? Postmodernism? etc. This is a GREAT opportunity for the churches to leave the pews or skip the ballgame or TV show for 1 day/evening in order to get plugged in with this very important topic; and why not mix your schedule up a little anyway? :o)   

***About Jay Seegert - This talk is non-denominational (so please do NOT use that as an excuse for not coming); below is a sample of one of Jay's past talks for your reference. Bottom-line is that he will be discussing what CS Lewis called "Mere Christianity" - in other words the basic principles that Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant would agree upon so please make plans to attend and get equipped Christian or non-Christian alike. This is a discussion/open-dialouge so please give up one afternoon or part of an evening to attend one of these events. (more about Jay: http://www.logosresearchassociates.org)

Email me if you have any questions at all and please take advantage of this FREE opportunity to encourage critical thinking and a sharing of worldviews in an open (and friendly) manner.


Many thanks!

James Stroud

Free gifts to those who attend will include:


UPDATE: FREE Certificate Program up and running at: www.TheLollards.org!!!

Come to one of our speaking engagements and found out "why" and what you and/or your church can do about it. (1 Peter 3:15)



"Why should I care?" (Apathy) - Just watch/listen to this short video and I think you will better understand the importance therein. Second video: The Church in "Intellectual Neutral" summarizes itself. :o)

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