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a NOW word for the body of Christ

(March 3, 2008 [origninally received October 23, 2004])


Who is the person who will seek Me? Really seek Me?  Who is the one who will call on My Name and I will answer them because I love them? Who is the one who will come into My quiet place and rest with me? I have a quiet place for you, a quiet place away from the world and its troubles, worries and cares. I have a place for you that transcends all earthly stuff. You will be lifted into the heavenlies and, there you will gaze upon My face and there you will forget all the cares of this world.

Who really hungers for Me? Does anyone thirst for Me? Or are You satisfied with candy? Candy will not fill You up. It is just a cheap thrill. When I have true riches for you! Why do you squander your time and energy on that useless stuff? It melts away like cotton candy, on the tongue for an instant then gone.... with no lasting satisfaction. I AM the lasting satisfaction.

Come to Me, seek Me and find Me. I will meet You when you seek Me. I will come to You. I will hold You. I will speak to You. I will pour out on You blessings You cannot contain. Tithe Your time to me. Give me MY portion. I have given You a day -- each day You live! But do You give a portion back to me? Or just do what YOU want to do? Can You not pause long enough to thank Me for life? Can you not pause long enough to seek Me until you find Me? Or will you just spend a moment or two then run out on me?

Your days are full, but not of Me. They are full of things.... but not things of Me. Not of things I have called you to do. Just things you want to do. You do whatever seems to be the right thing at the time.

Don't you get it? I want to tell you what to do so your time is not wasted. I want you to fill your time with quality activities. Activities for Me. When was the last time you prayed for what I asked you to pray for? Or did you just get up and say, "Give me this, give me that," "I need this, I need that." You sound like a broken record! I know You have need of all these things! I take care of all these needs! But what about My needs? There are things I need you to pray about, things I want to do in the earth. But are you tuned in? Are you hearing what I am telling you?

I love you. I want a relationship with you! I want a relationship that is strong and healthy, mature. One where you don't do all the talking. One where we BOTH talk. How self-centered and absorbed are you? Will you stop talking about YOU long enough to hear what I would like to say? When people on earth are in relationships they get bored with someone who is always talking about themselves! Seriously! WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME??? I have something to say. Something important! There are things on My heart, and I long to share them with you! Be quiet (shut up) and let Me.

I am a loving God, a loving Father. I love you with such tender, loving care. It hurts me when you don't come to me. Come, come, come!!! I cannot urge you strongly enough! COME TO ME!!! Do not delay! This is utterly important! I MUST have my children come to Me! I MUST have My children's love and undivided attention! Do not look to other things, go to other things, run to other things -- or people. Do not run to people! Run to Me! I wish you loved me that much! That you would run to Me FIRST, before running to anyone or anything! I hold all the answers you need, and you MUST come to me.

I love You so much, I cannot even begin to explain. Jesus WAS My explanation. Why don't you care? Why do you see what Jesus did, then You forsake Me days without number (as in Jeremiah 2)? I am the same God. The same God they forsook in Jeremiah. And you are forsaking Me. You only come to Me in a crisis. Aurggghhh....!!! Yes, I get aggravated too! Have you not read that Your God is a God of wrath and a jealous God? You are taking your allegiance to other gods! Throw them out and destroy the high places!!! All that stuff you are worshipping -- earthly psychology or whatever it is, THROW IT OUT!!! Don't go whoring after other gods! I WILL NOT have it!

Do you not know that I will cleanse my house? Just as Jesus cleansed the temple, I will cleanse My church? My church is divided! Their hearts are FAR from me! Their eyes are not on Me! I have had it! Judgment begins SOON at the house of God! A complete housecleaning!

No more double allegiance!!! How long will you sway between two opinions? Choose you this day whom you will serve! Choose Me, says the Lord! The Lord God Almighty! Choose ME!!! I AM LIFE!!! Choose Me!!! The ways of death I am removing from you! You shall no longer be unstable, moved about by winds of doctrine! I am stabilizing you! I shall shake ALL THINGS!!! Then, whatever remains I will strengthen, because whatever remains will be of Me.

In that day you shall walk with Me in complete communion. Nothing shall stand between us any longer. You shall walk in My Glory. You shall gaze upon My face. You shall see only Me. You shall hear only Me. You shall know MY WILL for your life. And all wasted time shall cease. You see, you shall be so full of Me, you will know EXACTLY what I want You to do, and You shall do nothing else. You shall hear from Me and obey. And, when you obey, I shall move miraculously! You will look back on these days and know that this is so much better. That moving at the impetus of my word is so far superior.

But My children don't know Me. They have walked far from Me. They don't hear Me at this time. Well, a few do. A few have my ear. A few are in the inner circle, who really, truly hear from Me. But even those have room to learn to hear better, and they shall. I shall bring them to a deeper walk with Me, a walk so close and intimate, that they will not be able to stand it at times. I will be so heavy upon them, so full within them.... they will walk in a heightened state, sometimes for days. Have you felt that? When you were with Me or praying to Me and that feeling came over you like you might burst? That is Me. That will be ever increasing on those who have My ear. There are some who really hear from Me, and they shall hear MORE. There are some who don't hear, and they shall hear less. What little they had shall be taken.  The rich shall have more. Those already rich in hearing from me shall be richer still. Get ready to hear MORE, so much MORE! Get ready for insights, wisdom, revelations, visions, dreams all manner of miraculous revelations from Me coming in mighty waves. So you won't be able to stand it. You will be knocked out under the weight and rapidity of it.... like waves of the sea crashing over you -- sometimes revelations for days, pouring over you. You see, My children I have so much for you. So much pent up in My heart that I want to share with you!!! I am URGENT to share it with you!!! Who is listening? There will be DAYS, literally days when you will be laid out in the Spirit hearing from Me. No-one will interrupt you, as you simply lay there getting words from Me! That day is coming, coming soon.

But first, I must clean out my church. Clean out the charlatans and fakes and phonies and frauds and cold-hearted and half-hearted and snakes and devils and bitter and envious and all liars and cheaters and thieves and sinners of every kind. Yes, you were ONCE sinners. But not NOW! Get the sin out of your life! It is a god before Me! I redeemed you from the curse! I redeemed you from sin! Quit wallowing in it! Quit allowing it! Quit swallowing it! You DO NOT have to sin! Did I not die to set you free? That thing you think you cannot get free of, I died to free you of it! Get RID OF IT!!! LET IT GO!!! Kick it out of your life!!! You have no need for it!!! What good is it doing you? What are you gaining by following after it? That's it. You are following after it. Following after sin and not Me. You have made it your god. You have convinced yourself you ca not be free, therefore that sin is your god. You think it is greater than Me and My power to set you free.

Oh, My children! My heart is broken! You come crying to Me, but now I AM crying to you!!! I want you to seek Me! I want you to be hungry for Me! The way you crave chocolate, or any other thing, crave Me! There are people who say "A little chocolate a day keeps the blues away," but I say, "A LOT of Me a day, keeps the blues away!" You MUST seek Me! You MUST find Me! You must hunger for Me! You must crave for Me and thirst for Me! Be crazy to find Me. I don't want any half-hearted devotion! I want ALL THE WAY, SOLD OUT devotion!

Are you getting this? Are you LISTENING??? Is anyone listening? You all want a word that says "God bless you," a good word, an encouraging word, from some prophet. But I, ME, ALONE, YOUR FATHER AND LIVING GOD, wants to give you a word! I want you to come to me personally and get a word from Me -- a word that will revolutionize your life. For it will be directly from Me, from My heart to yours. It will be life changing. You will never be the same again. EVER! You will be changed forever! When I speak to you and you hear Me, you will be changed forever!

Don't run from me. Don't run to other things. Don't avoid me. Take it. Take every word I give you, no matter how hard to hear. Don't be afraid. I will put My hand upon you, a heavy hand of protection and correction. It will protect you from seeing My Glory (for than you could not live). but it will correct you as well. I will punish you in the ways you need. Don't be afraid. A good father chastens the son He loves, and I have some issues with you. The truly mature will hear this. My true sons and daughters will hear this. They will heed me and come to me. They will not be afraid. They will see my smile beyond the heavy hand of the Lord. You see, a heavy hand will be upon you. I am going to test you and try you and remove some things from you. I am going to strengthen the things that remain. You see, you are My child and I love you. And I will deal with you as a child, a child who needs His Father to set Him straight, to give Him correction and advice. Do not fear Me or My correction, for it is done out of love,  pure and holy and jealous love.

I love you so much!!! I have so much to share with you!!! I cry out to share it with you!!! But I cannot, for you are not in a state to hear. That is why I will deal with you. Those who repent will draw near, and they will hear the things I wish to share with them. Those who don't repent will be lost to me. I will cry. I will weep and be sad. But I will let them go, for they must choose. I will not force them to choose Me. I will bring pressure to bear, hoping they will choose Me as I deal with them. But some will not. Some will go their own willful way.... I pray it will not be you. I pray you will listen to Me, My child. I pray you will know how much I love you, and how much I have a plan for you, and how much I long to use you. And, oh, the things I long to share with you!!! I want to tell you things, but I must purify my church so they will be in a state to hear. Too many things clutter their lives; they cannot see or hear Me. They must move all the junk out! ALL OF IT must go!!!

I am calling a people to be pure and holy before Me. To have nothing in them except what I put in them. I put My Holy Spirit in them. Jesus is in them. Then, sin and junk should not be. Can a spring have both clean and dirty water? No! This is not right! This does not please Me! Again, choose you this day Whom you will serve!!! Get the JUNK out!!! Purify your hands you sinners and cleanse your hearts you unrighteous. I love you, and I want you purified unto Me.

I am going to search your hearts. Don't be surprised if you feel My hand heavy upon you. For I am going to try you; I am going to search you; I am going to cleanse you. I am going to bring things into your life.... to try you. To see what stuff you are made of. So don't be afraid. Don't fear. Don’t give up. You will come out on the other side SO CLOSE TO ME that you will BARELY be able to stand it or stand. You will stagger under the weight of Me upon you.

Those days will be days of miracles. Those days after I have purified My church. Then, you will truly see the miracles that follow those who believe!!!!!! I am getting ready to unleash My power upon the earth, but it will not be without purification of My church first. So get ready for what I am about to do! It will be astounding! You will be astounded! Both by My hand of purification and cleansing and My hand of miracles and supply!

Get excited, My children! Get excited! Get excited and praise the Lord! You have not even begun to see what I will do! When My church is purified and right before Me, then I will REALLY move, in ways you have never before seen. You think you have seen a lot, but you have seen little. I am able to do so much more, so much more than you could even think to ask. You just don't know...what I will do. You don't KNOW ME. And that is why You do not get the miracles you long to see. You don't long enough. For you don't long for Me. And I AM the miracle worker!

Come to Me! Come to Me, My children! I want to unleash My power on the earth! I cannot do it unless you come to Me and ask Me to do it. But you must stop and listen and hear what I want to do. Then, you can pray My perfect will, for You have heard what I want to do. You must see what I AM doing, as Jesus saw what His Father was doing, and that is what you must pray will happen. But you are so far from Me you cannot see it or hear it. Come! Come near! Come close! Eat of Me! Drink of Me! Taste of Me! Taste and see that the Lord is good! He is all and everything you need! I AM all you need! I love you, and you need Me!





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