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Who is Gene Johns?

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten,
either write things worth the
reading or do things worth the writing."
                                                                                       ~ Benjamin Franklin

My view of Mandatory Public School Uniforms

Mandatory school uniforms in America's public schools
are becoming as common as mosquitoes are on a hot summer Florida night.
Both are a nuisance, both threaten our liberties (a way of life) and both need to be
controlled. If you oppose mandatory public school uniforms, you can find help 

Books by Gene Johns


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Things I've Written: A collection of essays, poems, songs and short stories I have written over the years.

A Conversation About God & Religion: Co-written with David Bivens - two friends with two different views about God and religion.

Gainsay: This book is about why I believe a mandatory public school uniform policy, without an opt-out provision for any reason, is unconstitutional. 

21st Century Country Music and The Essie Accolades: My latest book examines how real country music in the 21st century has been pushed aside for pop-country. I also present the best and the worst songs on country music radio from the year 2000 through September 2018. Additionally, this book establishes a new country music recognition format, the Essie Accolades, recognizing the best real country music songs and artists of the 21st century. 

The Leaves of the Aspen
An original song written by Gene Johns
Arranged and performed by Nancy Harvey

A Poem by Gene Johns

In the Morning Mountain Chill

I support the best tax plan for America:

The U.S. National Debt Clock

The Latest Political Polls from Real Clear Politics 

With a few exceptions, real country music is no
longer played on country music radio. Click below for

Real Country Music
 Country Music Fans Must Watch: Forever Country

This guy nails it about today's country music-click here.

Again, this guy is on point: The Worst Country Music of 2018

There's No Country Music Here

Aaron Lewis - That Ain’t Country

To get my take on today's country music,
please visit my blog at genejohns.blog

The Essie Accolades
Real Country Music
Hall of Fame


Tribute to America

This is possibly the best video ever made honoring our veterans.

Vietnam War Memorial Tribute

In Honor of our Veterans

A call to duty for Old Glory

My Name is America
by Todd Allen Herendeen

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Christianity in America

Blog by friend David Bivens
and co-author of "A Conversation About God & Religion"

Great Non-Political Causes to Support
There are many great non-political causes to
support, but, the four below are my favorites:

Ocean Plastic Recovery

Ronald McDonald House

 Wounded Warrior Project

The Children's Cancer Foundation


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