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  A Deer Love Story       

                                             A DEER LOVE STORY is a children's poetic Christmas story
                         about an orphan fawn who falls in love with Rudolph one Christmas
                         night and how they met and eventually marry.  The book is an hardcover
                         1st edition, autographed, 39 page, with 12 black and white illustrations.

                             SINGLE PRICE: $5.95 to cover shipping and handling to all fifty U.S. States
                                             only. Add Pa. Sales Tax, 6%.  Order from:   Michael J. Smajda,
                                                                                                 1013 Scenery Dr.
, Pa.
                                                                                                  Harrisburg, PA 17109


                          For children ages 5 thru 12- Parents and Teachers also love the story!         

    A VERY DEER LOVE STORY is a 24.48 min. children's Christmas classic audio CD about an orphan fawn who falls in love with Rudolph one Christmas time and subsequent adventures from first meeting, to marriage to visit to Bethlehem Christmas night to a miraculous ending.

  The CD can be sampled and also available at as well as various music download websites or ordered directly from this author Michael J. Smajda, 1013 Scenery Dr., Harrisburg, Pa. 17109, (Phone or Fax: 1-717-652-8727) or obtain further info at  subject: CD Inquiry.

  Price of CD is $7.95 plus $2.00 S&H (US Dollars) continental shipping only.

 The "Saga of Shunned Ex-Mennonite Robert L. Bear" is a poetically condensed
booklet, 13-page, depicting life as a shunned Mennonite and efforts to denounce 
religion as cult and judicial efforts to silenced him.
  Price:  $3.25 each from this author.

   Other available CD'S,  available via as well as from  various music download websites or directly from Michael J. Smajda, above, are ONE HALLOWEEN NIGHT, (audio with effects) WHAT DO YOU WANT LITTLE GIRLS? (musical-reggae)THE BIRTH OF THE TAPS, (audio with effects)THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD 1889 (audio with effects).  ONE HUNDRED COTTONTAILS is audio-versed  CD depicting the bunnies' chores come Easter morning. 

  THE JOHNSTOWN FLOOD 1889 is available in booklet form (64-line, 8-page verse) from author at
$2.50 and can also be downloaded from Amazon's Kindle.

  Also available via is latest CD titled, OH! HOW OBAMA LOVES TO SPEND AND TAX!  which is a satire on Obama's troubling spending and taxing policies.

 Also, 60-line Teddy Bear Verse titled, BEARISH ANALOGY, about slavery told in teddy bear fashion.  $1.85 each.  Order direct from author above.

 Available,also, a 16-page children's booklet w/illustrations titled, LUCY THE SHY ELELPHANT, who secretly writes verse and via a natural occurance becomes a celebrity among the other elephants. Price of booklet, $5.95 and also can be ordered direct from the author above. 


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     "Wisdom ignored is folly deserved."
       --11/6/2012--Michael J. Smajda


I now know what true love is.
 saw an example of it today.
It was while walking through the cemetery
Watching an old man who was coming my way.

Though I could not see his face clearly,
I did notice what was in ea
ch hand.
One held a stringed balloon, red, heart-shaped,
While the other displayed roses tightly band.

He, then, turned and knelt before a tombstone
Where he laid the flowers before its base
And as he tied the balloon to a cross above,
I saw tears trickle down his face.

He, then, bowed his head as if in prayer.
This solemn sight was truly divine.
Then, the old man arose leaving behind
          the balloon which read,
"Beloved, you will always be my Valentine."

         --Michael J. Smajda



I look forward to every Sunday
To hearing the organ lady play
Hymns praising Our Father in Heaven
During church services while I pray.

As I kneel listening to her music
And hearing angels around me sing,
Solemn contriteness overcomes me.
Blessings upon her, may God bring.

      --Michael J. Smajda
































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