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                                                                                                      Note about the photo:  I conquered my own fears and self limiting beliefs when I became an author.  This was my second book The Magic of Menopause, talk about turning a negative into a positive! How did I do it, I hired a coach.


Change your thinking and you change your life.

"Thoughts become real when clothed with feeling."

*Are your dreams manifesting as quickly as you would like them to?
*Are you feeling stuck in the same old patterns?
Is grief or loss holding you back?


*Do you know how to be a master of your thoughts?
*Are you unsure on how to attract what you desire to have in your life?
*Are you wanting to move forward, feeling stuck?
*Are you wanting to attract more abundance in your life now?
*Are you you suffering from loss or just wondering how to begin?
*Are you wanting more success, love or joy in your life?

If these questions apply to you join others in a free call.
This is an open telephone line where you get to ask the specific questions you have about changing your life.

Email coachlouise@mac.com for dates of the next call

"We are what we think. All that we are arises out of our thoughts. With our thoughts we create the world" -The Buddha 


I know it sounds kind of corny but when a client nicknamed me “Thought Buster” I had to laugh, and I had to agree.

Thoughtbuster reminds me of Ghost Busters, because our thoughts can be like the ghost of the past haunting us with fear. Fear of failure, fear of being good enough, fear of making a mistake, fear of what will people think, the list goes on. I call all of these self-limiting thoughts the gremlins.  Otherwise known as our inner self-crict.


"Do not under estimate the Power Of Thoughts.
Just as water has the power to shift and mold earths landscape,
your thoughts have the power to shift and mold the landscape
of your life" -Chuck Danes
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